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Advantages of 5G technology that are already among us

5G is already a reality in Spain. Just take a look at the data network of your mobile phone, if you have an adapted modem, and be within the network’s area of influence to check that its implementation is growing little by little. It has even escaped from the big capitals , rural areas are already under the cloak of 5G.

Much has been said about this technology, especially with negative connotations. The crisis caused by the coronavirus has given rise to completely absurd hypotheses. The most widespread, that COVID vaccines include a chip that would allow the mental control of individuals. Something that obviously does not hold up and lacks credibility.

But if we focus on what interests us, 5G connectivity is allowing us to operate at a different speed, much higher, allowing waiting times to be shortened. But not only is there the obvious advantage of speed, but on the other hand, 5G has a number of useful applications that can even save lives remotely.

What is 5G?

A state-of-the-art communications network that has expanded to the one implemented a decade ago and that provided 4G mobile broadband. The different telephony operators have started to implement this network, although the British Vodafone was the first to start developing its network.

The main advantage of 5G technology is the one that attracts the most attention, that of speed. It far exceeds current fiber optic networks, since it provides a speed of up to 10 GBps, which allows you to access high quality digital content without any type of interruption. It seems that, at last, the buffering error is going to become a part of the past. In this way, we could also enjoy video calls, practically, in real time. The pandemic situation has highlighted the importance of fluid communications to be able to telecommute.

Latency, or server timeout, is now virtually imperceptible thanks to 5G. And if we go beyond having a phone in our hands, we will be able to see its usefulness in the near future. Thanks to this reduction, it will be possible for communications between an autonomous car and the traffic management centers to also be in real time. It will allow the vehicle to quickly receive any incident in complex city driving situations and assess the options to be taken. It will be impossible for your car to skip a red light when you are not driving.

Within the domestic sphere, it will allow more devices to be connected without affecting the quality of communications. It is evident that more and more, smart homes that make use of home automation need very fast networks to be able to offer a competitive response. The IoT is making its way in a huge way. It is estimated that 5G will be able, once it is at full capacity, to support 1 million connected devices per square kilometer.

Save lives from a distance

What is really striking is how this technology can save lives. It is capable of using its speed and absence of latency to perform surgical interventions remotely. The example was given last year with a surgeon who was in London and whose patient was a banana and who was in an operating room in California. The doctor managed to perform a suture in real time. If we imagine the possibilities of saving lives in a short time and without a specialized medical team having to travel, we will understand the usefulness of 5G.

And saving lives is something that can be done in different ways, one of them is with the fight against fire. Drones equipped with this technology will be able to send georeferenced data, as well as heat maps and the disposition of the human team in front of a fire. Waiting times will be reduced and a fire could be stopped more quickly.

Day to day with your mobile device

If you have a mobile device with 5G technology , you will have seen an improvement in the speed of internet connections. Although at the moment the assigned bands are not as fast as expected, the change is evident. Voice transmission also experiences an improvement. In this way, it is possible to experience a better quality of communications. Another associated effect is that the battery of our devices can result in a more efficient management of its consumption.

The speed of 5G networks already allows multiplayer online games to develop without interruptions, and providing an experience never seen before. But this new version of broadband has many possibilities that, as we have seen, have nothing to do with leisure. A turning back is no longer possible.

The 5G revolution has only just begun and it is an unstoppable phenomenon. Despite the criticisms made by some organizations and friends of convoluted hypotheses, it has not been proven that this technology is harmful to health or that it causes the development of some diseases. 5G is here to give us a new world of possibilities.


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