NewsAfD-affiliated Erasmus Foundation: camouflage for millions from taxpayers' money

AfD-affiliated Erasmus Foundation: camouflage for millions from taxpayers' money

With the re-entry into the Bundestag, the AfD-affiliated Erasmus Foundation would be entitled to an amount in the millions according to the current procedure. Will the access succeed? The column.

Frankfurt – Have you ever heard of the Desiderius Erasmus Foundation? This is the youngest political foundation founded in 2018, which describes itself on its homepage as “ideally belonging to the Alternative for Germany (AfD)”. The Desiderius Erasmus Foundation is demanding ten percent of the 660 million euros earmarked in the federal budget for distribution to political foundations. So far, these have been the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (SPD), the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (CDU), the Hanns Seidel Foundation (CSU), the Heinrich Böll Foundation (Greens), the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FDP) and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (left). The distribution of the funds has so far always been based on customary law, without a legal basis.

Although the Desiderius Erasmus Foundation is part of the AfD, it is – according to the homepage – committed to promoting the democratic state and imparting civic education. Hear hear! Erika Steinbach is the chairwoman of the foundation. So a woman who compares the mask requirement in the pandemic with wearing the Star of David, who incites against “rampant immigration”, who fueled the hatred of Walter Lübcke, wants to see rape in marriage with impunity and claims that 50 percent of Corona sick intensive care patients come from “the Arab region”. On the other hand, the foundation’s homepage speaks of “tolerance in all areas of culture” and “international understanding”. How does that fit together?

I’m looking for the answer in the health policy ideas of the AfD. Unfortunately, it is completely nil: The word health does not appear once in the AfD’s basic program! There is not a single word to be found on health care either. Just in time for the 2021 federal election, the AfD got the curve in its election manifesto and cobbled together incoherent sorts of things, randomly picked from the programs of other parties, garnished with a dash of contempt for women and bashing for the disabled, so that nobody notices that they actually have nothing to say :

AfD: tough xenophobic and inhuman goals

They want to abolish the flat rate system in hospitals, as well as exemption from tuition fees in nursing training, abolition of budgeting for resident doctors, reintroduction of glasses supply as a health insurance benefit and a ban on conversion treatment of homosexuality. Germany’s “disproportionate” financial share in international health policy is to be reduced and instead used for the more than four million poor German children, women are denied the right to abortion and the “out of hand” costs for health must be put to an end Care for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Dr. med. Bernd Hontschik ist Chirurg und Publizist.


Dr. med. Bernd Hontschik is a surgeon and publicist.

The fact that behind this hides the tough xenophobic and inhumane objectives of a fundamentally right-wing extremist party only flashes briefly occasionally, but then violently. A parliamentary question from the AfD in March 2018 with the heading “Severely disabled people in Germany” names “marriage within the family” as the cause of disabilities in children. 60 percent of all deaths and illnesses could be prevented “if inbreeding would end”.

A foundation law is needed to prevent millions of taxes for the AfD

The AfD asks how the number of disabled people has developed since 2012, “especially through marriage within the family”. With the infamous additional question: “How many cases have a migration background?” She then exposes herself. All eighteen large German social associations then declared that this question reminded “of the darkest times in German history, when people with disabilities were deprived of their right to live hundreds of thousands of whom were victims of National Socialism. “

At least now, since the enemies of democracy have made claims, foundation funding needs a legal basis. This is the only way to prevent a foundation that is committed to an anti-democratic, racist, xenophobic party affiliated with right-wing extremists from being financed from taxpayers’ money. (Bernd Hontschik)

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