NewsAfter burnout and tour cancellation: son Julian reveals how...

After burnout and tour cancellation: son Julian reveals how Matthias Reim is really doing

Created: September 21, 2022, 6:50 p.m

Is Matthias Reim doing well? Some fans are probably asking this question after the hit star had to interrupt his tour again a few weeks ago. His son Julian now answers this question for all concerned fans.

Stockach am Bodensee – It was a shock for all Schlager fans: Matthias Reim canceled his concerts again due to health problems. Since this bad news, his fans have heard nothing from the pop singer. Now his son Julian speaks up and reveals more about his father’s state of health.

“I have a strong burnout problem”: Matthias Reim has to cancel concerts again

In June, Matthias Reim, one of the biggest German hit stars of all time, had to shorten his tour with his son Julian and cancel some concerts. Thankfully, the crooner made a quick recovery. He was fit again at Florian Silbereisen’s big hit beach party.

Julian Reim steht am 23.04.2022 auf der Bühne der Lanxess Arena bei der Schlagernacht des Jahres. Matthias Reim live beim 22. Oberlausitzer Oktoberfest 2019 in der Festhalle. Kemnitz, 04.10.2019 (Fotomontage)
How is Matthias Reim doing now after his tour cancellation? His son Julian now answers this question for all concerned Schlager fans. (Photomontage) © IMAGO/Revierfoto &

But a few weeks ago the next terrible news: Matthias Reim had to postpone some live performances. “I’m sorry for my audience, my musicians, my tour entrepreneur and all the employees on my tour – but there’s no other way,” the hit star tells BILD. “I have to cancel all performances planned for the next two months. I have a strong burnout problem.”

Burnout as a widespread disease – Every second German feels threatened

The World Health Organization (WHO) sees stress at work as one of the greatest dangers of the 21st century. According to the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), burnout is not an independent mental disorder and therefore not a disease in the strict sense, but a risk condition. Symptoms include burn out
State of total exhaustion, lack of relaxation and free time, stress, physical or mental strain. Every second German feels threatened by burnout. Six out of ten respondents complain at least occasionally about typical burnout symptoms, reports the Deutsches Ärzteblatt.

After burnout and tour cancellation: son Julian reveals how Matthias Reim is really doing

Except for the news that the catch-up dates for the canceled concerts have now been set, Matthias Reim has been silent since then. So that all Schlager fans can sleep peacefully again, his son Julian is now revealing how Matthias Reim is doing – but he doesn’t bother with details either. “He’s doing well given the circumstances,” said Julian Reim in the MDR interview.

A bit vague, but definitely positive. So the hit star seems to be on the mend. After all, Matthias Reim should be back on stage in December, as his concert organizer announced on the Internet. Sources used:, MDR

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