NewsAfter Mirco Nontschew's death: This is how it continues...

After Mirco Nontschew's death: This is how it continues with “LOL”

Great mourning for comedian Mirco Nonchev. Just a few weeks ago he finished filming the show “LOL”. Amazon has now explained how it will go on with the third season.

Update, Wednesday (December 8th), 4.30 p.m.: Germany – The decision about the 3rd season of LOL has been made. The shooting was only completed a few weeks ago. But on Saturday (December 4th) the horror news: Comedian Mirco Nontschew († 52) died.

comedian Mirko Nontschew
Born October 29, 1969, East Berlin
Deceased December 3, 2021, Lankwitz, Berlin
size 1.83 meters

Mirco Nontschew died shortly after the shooting of “LOL”

This was the last candidate on the show. As Amazon spokesman Michael Ostermeier announced in a statement, all episodes of the season will be broadcast as usual on the streaming provider Amazon Prime . An early broadcast is not possible, the season should be available as planned in spring 2022.

But: “Of course the start of each season can be postponed, but nothing is planned at the moment,” emphasizes Ostermeier. Nontschew is also not supposed to be cut out of the third season of LOL : “This is an ensemble show where people interact with each other. That would not be possible at all. “

First report, Monday (December 6th), 1 p.m .: It was the shock on Saturday (December 4th): Comedian Mirco Nontschew († 52) suddenly died *. The celebrity known from “RTL Saturday Night” was found dead in his apartment.

Mirco Nontschew has passed away: Comedian has just finished filming LOL

The death came unexpectedly and suddenly for the fans – after all, Mirco Nontschew * only finished shooting the third season of the Amazon format “LOL: Last One Laughing” about six weeks ago. Even if, according to his colleagues, he was healthy, the shooting could have been quite stressful for him – at least if you look at his experience from the 1st season (all news about celebrities and TV * on RUHR24).

During the popular show on the streaming platform, various comedians and celebrities are locked in a room for six hours. The aim of LOL is to make the other participants laugh without laughing themselves. After two mistakes, the celebrities are kicked out one after the other – until one is the winner.

Incredible LOL filming: Mirco Nontschew and Max Giermann with problems after the season

What sounds like an easy task at first is physically demanding for the candidates. Mirco Nontschew was already a candidate * in the 1st season of LOL. At a press conference in April 2021, he revealed that he was so bad after filming that he vomited for three days and even had to go to the hospital.

This is not the only one, because his LOL colleague Max Giermann (46) was not doing particularly well either. As the Süddeutsche Zeitung reports, he is said to have cried extensively in his hotel room afterwards. Speaking of LOL – the question now is what will happen with the broadcast of the 3rd season.

Staffel 3 von Comedyshow "Last One Laughing"


Mirco Nontschew (center) recently stood in front of the camera for the shooting of the third season of “LOL”.

Mirco Nontschew as a candidate for LOL: Will the 3rd season be broadcast on Amazon Prime at all?

The new season should be broadcast on Amazon Prime at the beginning of next year. On Instagram, the streaming service says goodbye with a black and white picture of the comedian and loving words: “We mourn a great person who made millions of fans laugh with his art, including on ‘LOL: Last One Laughing'” , is it [called.

And further: “Our thoughts and our sympathy are with Mirco Nontschew’s relatives and friends.” The streaming provider did not reveal words about the upcoming season of the show on Instagram; probably because it is still unclear whether the season can be broadcast at all. It would still be nice for his fans and family – to see Mirco Nontschew laugh one last time. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network.

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