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After Queen Elizabeth's death: secret will revealed – Prince Andrew goes away empty-handed

Created: 09/12/2022, 7:23 p.m

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the monarch’s estate must be settled. According to insiders, there is a secret will dividing the possessions of the recently deceased monarch. However, her second eldest son Prince Andrew should go away empty-handed.

London – Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the British royal family has been in turmoil: not only the successor, who her eldest son Charles III. now takes place, must be officially regulated according to protocol, the gigantic estate of the monarch, who died at the age of 96, is now being distributed. According to insider information, however, one person is left empty-handed: Prince Andrew, who has only attracted attention in the recent past for his connections to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Queen Elizabeth II’s estate is divided – Prince Andrew apparently goes away empty-handed

During her lifetime, record monarch Queen Elizabeth II actually did not lack for anything. The estate that the long-time head of the British royal family bequeaths to their loved ones is correspondingly large. In addition to magnificent buildings such as Windsor Castle and Sandringham Castle, the queen also owned all sorts of treasures, in particular expensive jewels, the total value of which is said to total several hundred million euros, an insider told The Sun .

Die verstorbene Queen Elizabeth II. neben ihrem Sohn Prinz Andrew, Duke of York (Fotomontage)
Prince Andrew will probably get nothing: The Queen’s secret will regulates her estate, but her second eldest son should not be included in it (photomontage) © Alastair Grant / PA Wire / Scott Heppell / AP / dpa

According to one insider, none of this wealth should get anything: Prince Andrew. The Queen’s second eldest son was once considered a favourite, but his ties to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, which were leaked in 2020, tarnished the royal family’s reputation and will probably go away empty-handed. In January 2022, the 62-year-old had already given up all patronage and all honorary military titles.

Queen inheritance settled – particularly King Charles III. and his sons and wives may rejoice

Of course, the Queen’s will is not officially visible, but as The Sun further reports, further details have now been leaked: King Charles III. and his Queen Consort Camilla will move into Buckingham Palace, but Prince William and his wife Kate will receive Windsor Castle, which is also theirs, according to the source. The latter will also inherit part of the royal jewels.

Harry and Meghan were also apparently considered by the Queen in their will: the couple should get Frogmore Cottage – the place where they lived until their royal retreat. The 41-year-old still seems to be at odds with the royal family: Because Charles has forbidden it, Meghan was not allowed to go to the Queen’s deathbed, as various sources report. Sources used: The Sun,

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