NewsAfter separation rumors: Prince Daniel flies to the USA...

After separation rumors: Prince Daniel flies to the USA without Victoria

Crown Princess Victoria and her husband recently denied reports of an alleged separation. Now Prince Daniel is traveling alone to the United States. What’s behind the solo trip?

Solna – With their denial of the ongoing rumors of divorce, Crown Princess Victoria (44) and her husband Prince Daniel (48) created a real novelty in aristocratic circles. Usually, media speculation of this kind is not acknowledged by Royals with any comment. In the end, however, the Swedes were forced to go public. After the waves had apparently calmed down, the next headlines* are already following.

After separation rumors: Prince Daniel flies to the USA without Victoria

At Haga Castle in Solna, the residence of Crown Princess Victoria *, there has probably not been the most relaxed atmosphere in recent weeks. Rumors persisted for a long time that Victoria and her husband Daniel had split up and that a divorce was imminent. A nobility expert recently described the situation as a “witch hunt” on the popular couple*.

With an official statement *, the two finally wanted to take the wind out of the sails of speculation about their private lives. Despite all the efforts, some skeptical royal fans still don’t believe that their relationship is really intact. Prince Daniel*’s latest travel plans play into these assumptions.

Kronprinzessin Victoria und Prinz Daniel sitzen nebeneinander, sie schaut kritisch zur Seite (Symbolbild).


Prince Daniel will soon be making a trip to the USA without his wife Victoria (symbolic picture).

After rumors of separation: Prince Daniel’s solo trip – right now

King Carl XVI’s daughter Gustaf* (75) and Queen Silvia* (78) will soon have to do without their husband’s company for a few days. Prince Daniel will be traveling alone in the USA to attend various appointments there for his “Prins Daniels Fellowship” initiative. First, the 48-year-old will be in San Francisco and then travel to Seattle. Meanwhile, Victoria remains in Sweden with her two children Estelle* (10) and Oscar (5).

Daniel’s solo trip is a hit with critics. Is the royal fleeing the royal family right now – immediately after the first rumors of separation – to put distance between himself and his wife? In all likelihood this is not the case! The trip to the USA has obviously been planned for a long time. According to media reports, however, the corona pandemic meant that it had to be postponed several times. There is still no reason to doubt the Crown Princess’ marital bliss. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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