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King Carl Gustav of Sweden – family mourns after reports of death

A confidante of the family of King Carl Gustav of Sweden has died. The royals are in deep grief.

Stockholm – The royal family in Sweden mourns a close friend. Tim Génetay, a close confidante of King Carl Gustav of Sweden, passed away last week – completely surprising, according to local media reports. Gustav and Génetay have been close friends since childhood.

Carl Gustav’s wife Queen Silvia of Sweden and their child, Crown Princess Victoria, also mourn their family friend. The Royals and Génetay are said to have met as early as 1953, over 68 years ago – as first graders in primary school in Stockholm. Since then, the contact has never been broken. Carl Gustav is said to have found out about the death of his old friend during a visit to the Swedish province of Västernorrland. King Carl Gustav and his wife Silvia visited the province in the east of the country. This is reported by the Swedish daily Svensk Damtidning.

Carl Gustav: King of Sweden in deep mourning

The connection between Carl Gustav and his late friend Tim Génetay apparently strengthened over the years. Because Génetay and his wife Agneta are said to have taken Gustav’s wife, Queen Silvia, to their hearts after their arrival in Sweden. When Agneta died of cancer in 1985, it was Silvia who is said to have looked after the children of the Génetays. Queen Silvia is also the godmother of the late Tim’s daughter.

Josephine Génetay is also considered a close friend of Crown Princess Victoria. “Queen Silvia saw what I needed and she was there when I was growing up. She had a great influence on me, ”said Josephin once about godmother in an interview with Svensk Damtidning.

Royals in Sweden: Carl Gustav’s family mourns a close friend

Josephine’s brother, Joakim Génetay, is also in mourning over the death of their father. After his death he wrote a letter which the daily newspaper Svenks Damtidgning published in full. “Yesterday morning, August 24th, the beloved father of me and my siblings, the beloved husband of our stepmother, died unexpectedly and suddenly. As many of you know, my father was very close to me. He was my best friend. In the past few years my father’s health has not been the best, but his smile and sense of humor have remained. Until the end of his life, which came much too early. ”The death of his father caused an“ unspeakable emptiness ”. The “longing for Tim” is “almost unbearable” within his family.

The Swedish royal family is said to have come together in Stockholm after the death of the family friend. King Carl Gustav can therefore rely on his family during this difficult time. (dil)

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