NewsAfter shots in Hamburg: perpetrators and victims disappeared

After shots in Hamburg: perpetrators and victims disappeared

In the middle of Hamburg, witnesses hear gunshots. The police are looking for a large number. The background is unclear.

Hamburg – The police are looking for shots in Hamburg perpetrators and victims. Witnesses had reported shots on the outskirts of the city center in the morning. The police said that a person was probably injured in the leg.

Around 11.50 a.m., shots were apparently fired on the Gorch-Fock-Wall in the center, said a police spokeswoman. Subsequently, several people are said to have fled in different directions with several cars.

The police triggered a manhunt with more than 20 patrol cars and a helicopter. No one was found on site who was involved in the dispute. The area around the crime scene near Stephansplatz was temporarily closed. Further details were not known at first.

In the Hammerbrook district, police stopped a car with three people. These were taken into custody and questioned, said a police spokesman. They may be witnesses to what happened.

According to media reports, the incident could be in connection with a trial at the regional court, the spokesman said that it was being checked. dpa

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