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After storm "Antonia": The situation has calmed down – isolated gusts of wind are still possible

Occasionally there is still damage from storm “Antonia”, but the weather in Germany has calmed down again. Occasionally, however, stormy gusts are still possible.

Frankfurt/Berlin – After the passage of the storms “Ylenia”, “Zeynep” and “Antonia”, which had caused damage in many regions of Germany, the night from Monday (February 21, 2022) to Tuesday (February 22, 2022) was largely calm get lost. The German Weather Service (DWD) continued to warn of storm gusts for large parts of Germany, especially on the North Sea coast and in the mountains. Overall, however, the situation has calmed down somewhat.

However, Deutsche Bahn reported that there could still be impairments, especially in the north, at least until Tuesday (February 22nd, 2022). Train cancellations and delays must be expected. On many routes, especially in the northern half of the country, there had been damage on the routes, for example due to fallen trees, due to the storm lows, most recently the “Antonia” low. The clean-up work was underway.

Weather in Germany: Isolated accidents caused by gusts of wind

Occasionally, however, there were accidents caused by gusts of wind. Late on Monday evening (February 21, 2022) in the Hochtaunus district of Hesse, there was a traffic accident with two minor injuries, because a tree was probably tipped onto the road as a result of the stormy weather and was overlooked by a driver. She crashed her car into the tree and then into another car.

In Saxony-Anhalt, a truck on the federal highway 81 in the direction of Halberstadt was hit by a strong gust of wind, it overturned in the ditch near Magdeburg on Monday afternoon (February 21, 2022), as the police announced on Tuesday morning (February 22, 2022). There were no injuries.

Storm “Bibi” shapes the weather in eastern Germany: wind speeds of up to 70 km/h

However, the weather in Germany remains windy. Initially, moderate to fresh winds must be expected in the east, and from midday also in the western half of the country, reports the DWD. In gusts it can be strong, occasionally stormy. Especially in the south of Brandenburg, the DWD expects gusts of wind of up to 55 kilometers per hour.

Because of the “Bibi” low-pressure area, there could still be isolated gusts of wind at more than 70 kilometers per hour on Wednesday (February 23, 2022), reports the DWD. The Uckermark and Lusatia are particularly affected. However, the wind weakens by midday. (dpa)

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