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After the death of Queen Elizabeth II: the Caribbean island nation wants to become independent – there is a risk of trouble with London

Created: 09/12/2022, 5:16 am

Queen Elizabeth II’s body is on its way to London. Meanwhile, a Caribbean island nation wants to secede from Britain after the Queen’s death. The news ticker.

  • After Queen Elizabeth II ‘s death : King Charles III. is now head of state in 14 countries.
  • Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean : Island state now wants independence from the British royal family.
  • The news ticker on the death of Queen Elizabeth II and mourning in Great Britain is continuously updated.

Update from September 11, 10:15 p.m .: With Anne, Edward and Andrew, three children of the late Queen Elizabeth II accepted the coffin with the body of the Queen Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. Charles III, the eldest son and new king, will arrive on Monday and attend the memorial service.

Also in Scotland, which harbors secession ideas under the current government, King Charles III. proclaimed on Sunday. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of citizens lined the streets as the remains were brought from Barmoral Castle to Edinburgh.

Update from September 11, 9:20 p.m .: Two days before her death, Queen Elizabeth II made her last appearance as queen. Your blue hand immediately caused speculation. A doctor even sees it as an indication of the cause of death.

Body in Edinburgh: Scottish citizens can say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II

Update from September 11, 8:15 p.m .: The coffin with the body of Queen Elizabeth II arrived at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh on Sunday. The convoy had previously covered the so-called Royal Mile from Barmoral Castle to the Scottish capital in more than six hours at walking pace.

On Monday we continue to nearby St Giles Cathedral where a service will be held. And where the coffin will lie for 24 hours so the people of Edinburgh can say goodbye to their Queen. According to the plan, the coffin should be transported to London on Wednesday.

Am Palace of Holyroodhouse angekommen: Der Sarg mit dem Leichnam von Queen Elizabeth II. steht am Sonntag und Montag in Edinburgh.
Arrived at the Palace of Holyroodhouse: The coffin with the body of Queen Elizabeth II is in Edinburgh on Sunday and Monday. © IMAGO/UPI Photo

Update from September 11, 7.50 p.m .: The coffin with the body of Queen Elizabeth II was brought to Edinburgh this Sunday from the royal summer residence Balmoral Castle. The convoy with the hearse had already reached the coastal city of Dundee in the afternoon and arrived in the Scottish capital shortly before 6 p.m.

In Edinburgh, residents will have the opportunity to say goodbye to the monarch at the coffin at the beginning of the week before it is transported to London on Wednesday.

Charles III proclaimed king in Scotland: proclamations also in Wales and Northern Ireland

Update from September 11, 7:40 p.m.: Charles III. was also proclaimed king in Scotland this Sunday after being proclaimed king in London, England, on Saturday.

The so-called Lord Lyon Kings of Arms read the proclamation to the Scottish people in Edinburgh. He declared, “God save the king.” Several gun salutes followed. The regional proclamations of Queen Elizabeth II’s successor were also held in Cardiff, Wales, and Belfast, Northern Ireland.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II: the Caribbean island nation wants to become independent – there is a risk of trouble with London

First report from September 11: Munich/London/Edinburgh – The sandy beaches are heavenly fine and white, the sea water is picturesque azure. Antigua and Barbuda is a popular vacation destination in the Caribbean. And the island nation, with a population of just under 100,000, is one of 14 Commonwealth countries where Queen Elizabeth II was head of state. According to its head of government, Antigua and Barbuda now wants to become independent after the death of the queen.

Already during a visit by Edward, Earl of Wessex – Elizabeth’s youngest son and brother of the new King Charles III. – and his wife Sophie on April 26, Prime Minister Gaston Browne declared that while Queen Elizabeth II was the head of state, the people wanted the country to one day become a republic. He also called for “compensatory justice” for the “atrocities that happened during colonialism and slavery” in the past.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II: King Charles III. is now head of state in 14 countries

King Charles III was confirmed as the new head of state in a ceremony in the capital St. John’s on Saturday. But shortly afterwards Prime Minister Browne told British broadcaster ITV that he wanted to hold a referendum within three years.

Barbuda had already come into British possession in 1628, and a few years later Antigua was colonized by British settlers. In 1784 Great Britain had built a naval base on the archipelago.

Malerisch in der Karibik gelegen: der Inselstaat Antigua und Barbuda.
Picturesquely located in the Caribbean: the island state of Antigua and Barbuda. © IMAGO / robertharding

Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean: Island state now wants independence from the British royal family

In 1956 Antigua and Barbuda received the status of an independent colony from the British royal family. In 1981 the island finally gained its independence, but remained part of the British Commonwealth. “This has nothing to do with disrespect for the monarch,” Browne said. “It is the final step in completing the circle of independence and becoming a truly sovereign nation.” So far, London has resisted that wish. Is there trouble now? By 2021, the island nation of Barbados further south in the Caribbean had already become a republic.

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