NewsAfter the flood in Turkey: 79 dead found so...

After the flood in Turkey: 79 dead found so far

Torrential rain had led to the severe flooding in the Turkish Black Sea region since last week. The search for missing people continues.

Istanbul – 79 dead have been found in the Turkish Black Sea region after the severe flooding. This was announced by the disaster control agency Afad on Friday.

Meanwhile, the search for missing persons, including search dogs and divers in the Black Sea, continues, as the state news agency Anadolu reported on Friday. Some regions are still without water, said Afad.

Heavy rains since last week had led to the worst flooding in years in the Turkish Black Sea region. The provinces of Kastamonu, Sinop and Bartin are particularly affected. Several houses were brought down by the floods, and bridges also collapsed. Thousands of people have been evacuated. dpa

"Moornixe" successfully lifted out of the water

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Red Cross remains active in the Ahr valley over the winter

After up to 3,500 helpers from the DRK were deployed in the first few weeks after the devastating floods in mid-July, today there are still almost 50 helpers. These will remain on site until further notice.

The Federal President encourages people in the Ahr Valley

The smell of damp masonry is in the air. The shops in Ahrweiler show the traces of the devastation. But when the Federal President visits, there are also signs of hope.

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Ahr winemakers harvest a special vintage

The winemakers in the flood-damaged Ahr Valley have never experienced a grape harvest like this. Many have lost vehicles and cellar technology. They look forward to fundraising campaigns like “Flutwein”.