NewsAfter the song, Heidi Klum wants to play in...

After the song, Heidi Klum wants to play in a musical with Snoop Dogg

Heidi Klum recorded her first song “Chai Tea With Heidi” together with the rapper Snoop Dogg. The GNTM boss has obviously gotten a taste for it.

Berlin – Heidi Klum is now showing greater musical ambitions. After the song with Snoop Dogg, the boss of “Germany’s next top model” wants to achieve even more. RUHR24 * knows what Heidi Klum can imagine.

Heidi Klum has already delivered the title song for the new season of GNTM with “Chai Tea With Heidi”. Leni Klum’s mother has apparently set her sights on Hollywood as the next target. She is already a welcome guest there. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network

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