Tech UPTechnologyAgility, flexibility and dynamism are inherent characteristics of Totalplay

Agility, flexibility and dynamism are inherent characteristics of Totalplay

More than two years ago, various countries faced a unique situation; On the one hand, there was the worldwide trend derived from the fourth technological revolution. On the other hand, a change arose in the way people work and the way companies operate. In this way, telecommunications firms have played a leading role in global development.

This was stated by Héctor Nava, general director of the Totalplay Business and Government Unit, during the panel “The 500 of Expansion and its Responsibility”, at Inter.Mx Expansion Summit 2022.

He also stated that they have: “Launched innovative products such as UNNO, which modifies the paradigm of how companies build their private networks and information technologies that empowers customers to enhance all models of digital transformation and developments in the cloud. that come with the fourth technological revolution”.

UNNO, from Totalplay’s Business and Government Unit, runs various IT solutions such as firewalls, routers, PBX, SD-WAN, among others, in a managed and secure environment to meet the operation requirements of each company, while reducing costs. in a meaningful way.

Totalplay’s Business and Government Unit addressed the problems of the new business models that emerged during the pandemic, where the need was to develop 100% remote work and good connectivity to achieve it. Thus, it was one of the companies that grew the most for having great quality and for adopting technologies such as the cloud to continue on the path of digital transformation.

Nava stated: “We are the youngest company in the segment; At 12 years old, we are focused on innovation and we do not lose the precept of having a startup mentality, that is, being agile, flexible and dynamic around the needs of customers”.

The CEO says that companies have found benefits in combining remote and in-office work, leading to the enablement of new models. The proposal of Totalplay’s Business and Government Unit is to facilitate first-level connectivity, with low latency, high availability and, above all, with high-quality customer service.

Flexibility in the face of new business models

Héctor Nava indicated: “With all the macroeconomic challenges that exist, all companies have to reinvent themselves. What existed and worked two years ago is not necessarily what will lead us to success in the future. Being a 100% technological company, we play a fundamental role in offering the tools and solutions that can help our clients in real time. ”.

The technological world opens up endless possibilities for the new generations, there is a vast need for specialized talent that is not available today, so the manager explained that the job and development opportunities that the pandemic brought to users, in terms of of technology and transformation, are immense.

To view the full panel presented at the Inter.Mx Expansión Summit 2022

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