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AIs writing novels? It's already a reality

Nine weeks to write a complete novel? The writer Jennifer Lepp claims to have the help of an artificial intelligence – and she does constantly – to write faster.

To keep up with the demand for literary requests and make a decent living, independent novelists are churning out books faster than ever.


With an artificial intelligence program that acts as a writing assistant and that, according to the author, has made her a much faster writer. Now you’re able to find inspiration for a passage instead of relying on a precise spreadsheet with daily word count goals to meet publisher deadlines.

According to the writer, they are only words but the story and the characters are hers. The fact that it is an AI that fills in those spaces seems to be the least of it.

The program Lepp uses is called Sudowrite , which is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 machine learning model and which writers can try before they buy. Like many AIs designed to create multi-media artwork based on prompts, it takes practice and skill to get usable snippets of text: users have to learn how to communicate ideas with the AI, which makes the process seamless . similar to a collaboration between machines and humans.

How many writers will adopt this type of software with the help of an AI? How might this affect book sales in the future? The truth is that we do not know, but we are heading towards a future in which the narration of stories carried out by an artificial intelligence will be part of our reality.

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