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Aldi employees bitten by a spider – branch searched for crawfish

It is the nightmare for all people who are afraid of spiders: An Aldi employee is bitten by an eight-legged friend and then has to go to the hospital.

Osnabrück – An Aldi employee has to deal with a dramatic encounter with a spider. Because the employee of the discounter giant is bitten by a large spider. On Wednesday (December 29th) the employee in an Aldi branch in Georgsmarienhütte (Osnabrück district) is about to unpack a banana box when the unpleasant encounter occurs. A spider about three to four centimeters tall sits between the fruit. When the animal sees the man, she bites.
As HEIDELBERG24 * reports, the Aldi employee ends up in the hospital after the bite. But there is no danger for him.

The branch is searched for the crawly animal one day later – but so far in vain. It is assumed that the eight-legged friend is still in the market, only where is the question. (jol) * HEIDELBERG24 is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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