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Aldi in the US wants to give a couple a wedding – in an Aldi branch

Created: 8/5/2022 5:26 p.m

Aldi-Filiale im englischsprachigen Raum.
Getting married in an Aldi branch? Probably the dream of every bride and groom… © IMAGO/wolterk/YAY Images

A year of free groceries – that’s what the happy couple who get married in an Aldi branch in the USA get. The company is currently looking for volunteers.

Especially in times of inflation and rising food prices, the Aldi group in the USA is giving American citizens a surprise: the Aldi subsidiary in the USA wants to give a couple a wedding. With a wedding cake and all the trimmings – but in an Aldi branch in Illinois. As a small reward for this PR stunt, there is then a year of free shopping at Aldi worth food vouchers. asked the German Aldi whether we were planning a wedding like this in an Aldi branch.

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