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All-clear for Nicki Minaj! Corona vaccination does not lead to swollen testicles

US pop star Nicki Minaj is likely to have puzzled her male fans with her wild claim about the side effects of the corona vaccine.

USA – Nicki Minaj is not necessarily a Corona * expert. But when the 38-year-old rapper from Trinidad and Tobago, who lives in the USA, shared alleged testimonials about side effects of the corona vaccine * via Twitter, many a listener was likely to have been worried. Because what Minaj had to report about a fiancé of a friend, that has it all.

“My cousin in Trinidad is not going to get vaccinated because his friend got [the vaccine] and became impotent. His testicles swelled up. ”As if that weren’t bad enough, the cousin’s boyfriend’s fiancée broke up with him because of his lack of potency. She canceled the planned wedding. Minaj therefore recommends to all men: “Just keep praying and make sure that you feel good about your decision. Don’t let yourself be forced into anything. “

Nicki Minaj spreads corona myths – Tucker Carlson jumps on it

The story spread like wildfire in the United States *. Tucker Carlson, presenter at Fox News *, reached out to Nicki Minaj’s cousin directly at the beginning of his show. “I don’t know if this show will be broadcast in Trinidad,” said Carlson. But if it does, he would be very happy if the cousin would get in touch with him. “We want to hear your story,” said Carlson, who regularly offers vaccination skeptics a stage on his show for those who are skeptical about vaccinations or who doubt the existence of Corona *.

But Tucker Carlson didn’t understand that it wasn’t about Nicki Minaj’s cousin at all. His testicles are doing fine for all that is known. It is the testicles of Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend that were said to have swollen after the corona vaccination. A day later, the presenter at Fox News had also noticed. He corrected this, only to once again take criticism of the health authorities and administrations in the USA, which recommend the corona vaccination to everyone and in some places even prescribe it.

Nicki Minaj: Your story about swollen corona testicles concerns Boris Johnson

The matter even spilled across the pond to Great Britain *. There Prime Minister Boris Johnson * was asked about Nicki Minaj’s statements. He doesn’t know Minaj, said Johnson. The testicle story is one of the “ridiculous myths” that circumvented the coronavirus. The singer then published an audio file in which she greeted Johnson with a fake British accent and told him about her school days in Oxford together with Margaret Thatcher. She is also a big star in the US.

But because Boris Johnson is not a scientist and Nicki Minaj is really a star, the question remains: Who would like to be vaccinated against corona when there is a risk of impotence? Hardly anyone. But is there a danger? No, says the US health agency CDC. She felt compelled to comment on the story of Nicki Minaj’s cousin of his friend. “There is no evidence that the corona vaccine causes male fertility problems,” the health authority clarified.

Neel Parekh, urologist from Cleveland, made this even clearer to the US portal Huffington Post. “The most commonly used vaccines from Biontech / Pfizer * and Moderna * are mRNA vaccines, not live vaccines. [They] don’t change the body’s DNA, and there’s no plausible reason why the vaccines should induce impotence – or swollen testicles. “Also, a study from the University of Miami found that in vaccinated men,” there are no significant decreases in any. ” Sperm parameters ”.

Corona vaccination cannot lead to impotence – Covid-19 can

So while the corona vaccine cannot have any negative effects on a man’s love life, according to science, that is exactly what can happen through a corona infection. Because Covid-19 can lead to erectile dysfunction. This is the result of a study by the journal for endocrinological examination in the USA, on which the US broadcaster NBC 5 reports. This is also confirmed by Ranjith Ramasamy, director of urology at the University of Miami. “Orchitis (swollen testicles) and erectile dysfunction (impotence) have been found to be a side effect in some men with active COVID-19 infection,” Ramasamy told the Huffington Post. “This is probably because the virus can cross the blood-testicular barrier.”

While the reason for the swollen testicles in Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend’s cousin remains a mystery, as does the real reason why his girlfriend called off the wedding, at least from the point of view of science it is clear: It was not the corona vaccine . (Daniel Dillmann) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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