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"All for Ella": youth music film with Lina Larissa beam

Created: 09/05/2022 09:39 am

Alle für Ella
Can Ella (Lina Larissa Strahl) make her musical dream come true? © Marc Reimann/Weltkino Film distribution/dpa

There are cooler things than having to study for high school. For Ella, music is clearly number one. But is there a chance for your band?

Berlin – Leading actress Lina Larissa Strahl, known from several “Bibi & Tina” films, explains Ella’s “style” on an Internet portal as “pretty casual and pretty cool”.

Which is not surprising insofar as Ella, the main character of the youth film “Alle für Ella”, has a big dream: she wants to be successful on the big stages of this world. And not alone, but together with her three best friends. With them Ella founded the band Virginia Woolfpack (motto: “Sisters before Misters”).

But there is still a small problem before things can really get started: Ella still has to struggle with her upcoming Abitur, and she also has a less exciting part-time job on her cheek. But when a song competition offered the chance to finally get into the music business, Ella persuaded her friends and band members to register.

The director Teresa Fritzi Hoerl, born in Bavaria in 1983, who now tells of the importance of friendship and self-determination in her feature film “Alle für Ella”, studied directing at the University of Television and Film in Munich, among other things. During her studies she wrote and directed several short and medium-length feature films, which were shown at festivals and some of them won awards. In 2017, for example, she won the Hessian Film Prize for her short film “Family Growth”.

In “Ella” in front of the camera, alongside Lina Larissa Strahl, Lavinia Wilson (“Schoßgebete”) and Milan Peschel (“Der Nanny”) are now also present. He appears in the film as a music teacher with the wonderful name Mr. Böblinger-Moll. When asked if this Mr. Böblinger-Moll couldn’t like the band’s music video, Böblinger-Moll gave the slightly plump answer: “Do I look like I like something?”.

All for Ella, D 2022, 95 min, FSK from 6, by Teresa Fritzi Hoerl, with Lina Larissa beam, Safira Robens, Malene Becker dpa

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