NewsAll investigations against Spain's old king stopped

All investigations against Spain's old king stopped

The former monarch has lived in exile since August 2020. Is he going back to his family in Madrid now?

Madrid – The Spanish public prosecutor’s office has stopped all investigations into former king Juan Carlos – the 84-year-old could now return from exile. However, the doubts about the behavior of the former monarch were not dispelled.

The judiciary had found numerous “irregularities” in the ex-king’s financial conduct, but did not bring charges against them because of the statute of limitations or the legal inviolability of the former monarch until his abdication in 2014 and because of back taxes, the newspaper “El País” reported on Thursday .

Since 2020, Spanish authorities have opened three investigations into King Felipe VI’s father. a. According to the authorities, in addition to accounts in Jersey, it was about alleged bribe payments for the construction of a high-speed railway line in Saudi Arabia and allegedly undeclared donations.

No comment from the royal family

A Mexican businessman is said to have provided Juan Carlos with credit cards, which he is said to have used to buy a granddaughter a show jumping horse worth over 10,000 euros. To avert criminal proceedings for tax fraud, Juan Carlos paid more than five million euros in tax debts about a year ago, as his lawyer confirmed at the time.

Juan Carlos has been living in exile in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi for a good year and a half, away from his wife Sofía (83) and the rest of the family. The man, who was Spain’s head of state between 1975 and 2014, secretly left his homeland on August 3, 2020 in order – as it was said in a letter published later – to “facilitate” Felipe’s work against the background of the allegations. Since then, Juan Carlos has hardly appeared in public. The royal family in Madrid has not made any statements on the situation of the ex-monarch in Abu Dhabi. dpa

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