News"Almost a black hole over Germany": Even experts surprised...

"Almost a black hole over Germany": Even experts surprised by the weather forecast

Created: 10/29/2022 10:52 am

The “crazy weather” in Germany continues. It is so unusual that even an expert is amazed and sees “almost a ‘black hole'”.

Wiesbaden – summer in the middle of autumn! October so far has already been far warmer than average. As writes in a statement on Thursday (October 27), the month of 2022 will already be 2.6 degrees warmer than the average climate for the years 1961 to 1990. According to the information, it will probably be the hottest October since weather records began in 1881 And then there’s the finale – which turns out to be so spectacular that the press release started with “What crazy weather!”

“Almost black hole”: weather expert wonders

The weather situation even amazes an expert. “It’s an extreme mountain of heat, almost a ‘black hole’ that lies over Germany,” wonders qualified meteorologist Dominik Jung, managing director of the weather service Q.met, to the weather portal The expert continues: “24 to 28 degrees are possible at the top. In many places, these should be new record values for the end of October. More energy-saving weather is no longer possible. Rarely before have we had to heat so little in October as we did this October 2022.”

Abendhimmel über München Wetter
Not a black hole, but the evening sky over Munich on October 26th. © Rolf Poss/Imago

Weather in Germany: The forecast from

The forecast from for the coming days:

  • Friday: 18 to 26 degrees, after fog lots of sunshine and very warm
  • Saturday: 17 to 27 degrees, the best late summer weather in Germany
  • Sunday: 18 to 27 degrees, after fog and haze a lot of sun and dry
  • Reformation Day/Halloween: 16 to 23 degrees, mix of fog, sun and clouds, dry
  • All Saints’ Day: 14 to 20 degrees, again very friendly and mostly dry
  • Wednesday: 14 to 18 degrees, rain clouds from the west, otherwise sunshine
  • Thursday: 11 to 16 degrees, more clouds, hardly any rain, but also little sunshine
  • Friday: 10 to 15 degrees, mostly lots of clouds, some sun in places, dry

Weather: Perceived highs of around 30 degrees

“It feels like the maximum values in the sun next weekend will be around 30 degrees. That makes you sweat a lot,” says expert Jung. Do you need thick winter clothes in November? No, Jung expects. “November could also continue quite warm, even if no more 25 degrees are reached, values of 15 to 20 degrees would still be possible in the first week of November.” An early onset of winter is not in sight. When will the first snow come? Jung comments on this in the video above.

The long-term forecast then continues to show favorable signs for those who don’t like it so cold – and of course also with regard to energy saving. The longer-term trends expected November to be up to two degrees too warm, explains Jung. “The winter of 2022/23 should also be up to two degrees warmer than the new climate mean for the years 1991 to 2020. Since the deviation relates to the new and therefore very warm climate mean, the coming winter in Germany could well turn out to be record-warm. (lin)

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