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Alternative to photovoltaics: mini wind turbine generates as much electricity as 16 solar modules

Created: 10/26/2022, 4:13 p.m

Eine Windanlage von Aeromine Technologies.
A wind turbine from Aeromine Technologies. © Screenshot

Bladeless wind turbines are not only quiet, but are also said to generate far more electricity. Aeromine Technologies has developed a system that could bring about a new energy revolution.

Wyandotte – Since the beginning of the energy crisis in Germany and Europe, the pressure on politics and business has been increasing to find alternatives to energy production and to promote their development. Germany should become independent of Russian gas as quickly as possible. Even private households are not spared from the rising electricity costs. The expansion of renewable energies in particular is now increasingly becoming the focus of discussion. The Federal Cabinet’s plan: in ten years, the majority of all energy for electricity, transport and heating should come from wind and solar energy.

The American cleantech company “Aeromine Technologies” could bring about a change in energy production. With its mini wind turbine, the group wants to have developed a compact, quiet and particularly efficient wind power plant. Initial tests are promising: one of the mini wind turbines generates as much electricity as 16 solar modules.

Independent of wind, weather and sun: Aeromine systems are more efficient than solar and wind power plants

Solar cells and wind turbines are intended to make Germany more independent of other energy sources. However, the weather in Germany and enough space for the systems play a decisive role. Bladeless wind turbines would therefore be a good solution. There is less space required and the weather conditions are no longer decisive for power generation. As reports, a mini wind turbine from Aeromine could be the solution to all problems.

Mini-Windturbine von Aeromine Technologies
A graphic shows how the wind turbine works. The air is compressed at the top and led to a turbine. © aerominetechnologies

The turbines require significantly less space, generate 50 percent more electricity compared to solar panels and even produce electricity at night. The newly developed process uses only a few moving parts. The parts amplify the airflow and direct it to a small turbine. With conventional wind turbines, the wind moves the blades of the wind turbine, which in turn drive generators and thus produce electricity. The amount of energy increases in proportion to the area that the wind passes through. Wind turbines must therefore be correspondingly large and require a lot of space. For private households, wind turbines, for example in “mini format”, are therefore not profitable and inefficient. Since the beginning of the energy crisis, consumers have increasingly been looking for alternatives to electricity, gas and oil in order to protect themselves from skyrocketing prices.

Aeromine’s system could change that in the future. The special feature of the system: it makes use of the lift mechanism of aircraft wings. Due to their shape, vertical wings catch the wind, so to speak, strengthen it and forward it to a turbine. The arrangement of the blades is crucial here, because this helps the power generator to use a much larger proportion of wind than is the case with wind turbines, for example.

BASF plant tests mini wind turbine in the US

Aeromine would be the ideal solution for private households. Due to its small size, the system only needs ten percent of the roof area that solar cells would need. This means that the mini wind turbine can easily be installed on flat roofs.

BASF is currently testing a plant at a plant in Wyandotte, Michigan (USA). Because the turbines should initially only be available to commercial customers, according to a statement from Aeromine. Warehouses, distribution centers, factories and office buildings, but also apartment buildings and large retail stores should serve as areas of application. However, it could only be a matter of time before the systems find a place in our homes.

A special pilot project for generating energy is also starting in Baden-Württemberg. A photovoltaic system is being installed above a side lane of the A81 near Singen.

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