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Amira Pocher finds a sad note: Oliver Pocher writes that he is annoyed by her

Created: 10/14/2022, 6:45 p.m

Oliver Pocher and his wife Amira are known to like to hand out to other celebrities. But the two also annoy each other here and there: the comedian recently wrote to his loved one that she annoys him.

Cologne – Oliver Pocher (44) is one of those people who can rarely keep their opinions to themselves. The comedian regularly hands out to other celebrities; already shot against influencer Anne Wunsch (31), ex-Bachelorette Gerda Lewis (29) or “Die Höhle der Löwen” star Carsten Maschmeyer (63). But it also hits his own wife Amira (30) here and there when the 44-year-old lets his ‘funny’ side run free again.

Oliver Pocher and his Amira are happy to share – and here and there among themselves!

Oliver Pocher and his Amira are not only a well-rehearsed team when it comes to openly criticizing the world of the (supposedly) rich and beautiful, but also very good at bickering: Only recently did the two quarrel in their Pochers Podcast because the 44-year-old didn’t reply to his wife’s messages.

Oliver Pocher und Ehefrau Amira, daneben ein Zettel, den der Comedian seiner Liebsten hinterlassen hat (Fotomontage)
Oliver Pocher and Amira not only regularly share against other celebrity couples, the comedian and his loved one also like to tease each other here and there: the 44-year-old recently left his wife a cheeky message – including spelling mistakes! (Photomontage) © Revierfoto/Imago & Screenshot/Instagram/Amira Pocher

But the couple also seems to live their everyday life true to the motto “What loves each other teases each other”: Oliver Pocher is currently undergoing a metabolic analysis to show how his body processes certain foods. The 44-year-old scribbled a teasing swipe at Amira on the associated form, which asked for the “personal goals” of the investigation.

What does a metabolic analysis do?

As the name suggests, a corresponding analysis should determine how your own metabolism works. Blood and saliva, but also information on weight, eating and exercise behavior can provide information about this. The aim is to create an individual nutritional profile that, based on the data collected, should provide information about a healthier lifestyle tailored to the patient. Since this is an alternative medical approach, the benefit has not been scientifically proven. An average family doctor, for example, does not carry out this examination.

Oliver Pocher scribbles a nasty swipe at Amira on the form – but she can laugh about it

From the metabolic analysis, he hopes that “my wife won’t annoy me anymore,” wrote Oliver Pocher on the form. The comedian made an embarrassing spelling mistake (he mixed up “that” and “that”), but he at least thought of adding a heart to his remark for Amira. She had obviously been pestering her husband to undergo an appropriate examination.

After all: Amira can laugh at her husband’s sad note – she knows him well enough by now; with all its corners and edges! Only recently did the 30-year-old reveal another quirk of the native Hanoverian: Oliver Pocher was so jealous that he secretly looked at Amira’s cell phone. Sources used:

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