NewsAmnesty International Iran Expert: 'People Are Killed Every Day'

Amnesty International Iran Expert: 'People Are Killed Every Day'

Created: 10/28/2022 11:31 am

“We Are All Mahsa Amini” emphasizes one participant. The death of the young woman sparked protests in Iran. © Paul Zinken/dpa

Dieter Karg, Amnesty International’s Iran expert, gives an assessment of the situation. The situation has deteriorated significantly.

Saghes/Tehran – They wanted to mourn the murdered Mahsa Amini: now they are dead themselves. According to Amnesty International, so-called “security forces” in Iran have killed at least eight people. The state used tear gas and shot at mourners and protesters. According to the human rights organization, almost 10,000 people had moved to their hometown of Saghes and were gathering in the cemetery.

The protests around Amini have been going on since September. What could happen if the demonstrations against the mullahs’ regime continue? How should the West react? And what is the situation of people who are brave enough to rebel against oppression despite the danger to life and limb? The Frankfurter Rundschau spoke to Dieter Karg, Iran expert from Amnesty International in Germany.

“Iranian leaders have always responded with violence”

Karg says it is difficult to assess what will happen if the demonstrations continue. “Until now, the Iranian authorities have always reacted violently to emerging protests and ultimately crushed them,” he explains. She’s doing the same thing this time too. “This is likely to lead to more violence and arrests,” predicts Karg. There are currently no signs that the state will reverse this.

In his view, the West must react decisively to the latest killings. “The international community should take action against leaders. We have already demanded that President Raisi be brought to justice for his responsibility for the mass executions in Iranian prisons in 1988,” said the Iran expert. In addition, an independent body at UN level must investigate the killings and arrests.

Iran: “People are killed every day”

Above all, the situation has worsened. “People are killed every day. At least eight people died in the Kurdish areas during the protests on the 40th day after the death of Mahsa Jina Amini alone. In total, there are said to be hundreds of deaths and thousands of arrests,” says Karg. People who take part in the protests face the death penalty. (Moritz Serif)

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