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Amok alarm at Cologne school: police find ammunition – students brought to safety

A major police operation is currently underway at a school in Cologne, and an amok alarm has been triggered. The police say that students barricaded themselves in the rooms.

  • At the Heinrich Böll Comprehensive School in Cologne Chorweiler, an amok alarm was triggered on Friday morning.
  • Students initially locked themselves in classrooms.
  • The police report finding airsoft ammunition (see update from February 4, 12:50 p.m.).

Update from February 4th, 1.30 p.m .: All students and teachers from both the comprehensive school and the neighboring elementary school have now been brought to safety. As the police further explained on Twitter, a connection between the alarm and the ammunition find is currently being further examined. However, the police emphasized: “So far we have no evidence that a real threat situation existed.”

Update from February 4, 1:15 p.m .: Now the students of a neighboring elementary school have also been brought to safety. Here, too, there is said to have been no evidence of an armed perpetrator.

Update from February 4th, 12.50 p.m .: “We searched the comprehensive school and accompanied all the children outside. No findings regarding an armed perpetrator. During the search, we found airsoft ammunition and are examining a connection to the alarm being triggered,” the police said on Twitter. Meanwhile, the neighboring elementary school is now to be searched. Here the children are still in the classrooms.

Amok alarm at school in Cologne: police search building – children are brought to safety

Update from February 4, 12:20 p.m .: About half of the classrooms have been searched so far, and there is still no evidence of an armed perpetrator. This is now confirmed by the police via Twitter. The children who are still in school would now be gradually taken out of the building.

Update from February 4, 11:50 a.m .: The police spoke again via Twitter. Accordingly, emergency services are currently still searching the building for an armed perpetrator, but so far there is no evidence that one is actually in the building. Meanwhile, emergency services would gradually bring children out of the building. For safety reasons, the children from the elementary school next door should remain in the building.

Update from February 4, 11:25 a.m .: As the police now explain via Twitter, the students are now being accompanied out of school. They can be received by their parents at Nogatstrasse.

Update from February 4, 11:10 a.m .: As the police announced on Twitter, the school is currently still being searched. There is still no indication of an armed perpetrator. Accordingly, the students should remain in their classrooms for safety.

Amok alarm at Cologne school: large-scale police operation – students barricade themselves in the classrooms

Original message: Cologne – A major police operation is underway at a school in Cologne. A suspicious person was reported by phone call, said a police spokesman on Friday morning. “We are on site with many emergency services and are clarifying the situation,” the officials wrote on Twitter. The area in Cologne’s Chorweiler district should be avoided on a large scale. The background was initially unclear. also reports on the amok alarm*.

Amok alarm at Cologne school: large-scale police operation – students barricade themselves in classrooms

The police reported on Twitter, among other things: “The amok alarm was triggered at the Heinrich Böll Comprehensive School. We currently have no findings regarding an armed perpetrator.” The building is currently being examined, and a contact point for parents has been set up on Nogatstrasse. Students would have barricaded themselves in classrooms. As the police further explained on Twitter, a person was found in the building, but this was not suspicious. “To be on the safe side, the students will remain in their classes until the search is complete,” police said. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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