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Andreas Gabalier: Rumors of love about the Schlager star – Now he's breaking his silence – "Lisa and I are …"

Andreas Gabalier no longer a single? This rumor about the hit star has spread in the last few days. Now he spoke up personally.

Munich – Schlager star Andreas Gabalier has been single for two years. Many of his fans are probably of the opinion that it is enough and that the 37-year-old is slowly back in time for a partner. Therefore, they should have been happy when several media reported in the last few days that the singer had been seen with a woman. Was it his new girlfriend? In the meantime, Gabalier broke his silence and commented personally on his alleged new love affair on Instagram.

Schlager star Andreas Gabalier breaks his silence – and reports love rumors

How newsletter reports, Gabalier to the Austrian news site along with Lisa Wiesner, the former office manager of the Austrian ex-chancellor Sebastian Kurz, have been frequently spotted in Graz according to information. Thereupon there was speculation about a love affair between the two. The 37-year-old denied this vehemently in his Instagram story. He wrote “all clear” in capital letters for his story clip and acknowledged it with smileys crying with laughter.

“I have to give you the all-clear about the media reports about a supposed new girlfriend”, he reported to his followers in the middle of the Styrian mountains. Lisa Wiesner and he are childhood friends. “We grew up in the same alley and hopefully will remain big thunder buddies for life for the rest of our lives. But not anymore, ”emphasized the hit star.

Schlager star Andreas Gabalier denies rumors of love with Lisa Wiesner

The all-clear may be followed by disappointment among his fans. Surely they would be happy for the 37-year-old if he were successful again in love as well as music. At least one fan was able to elicit one private detail from him at the “Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights” on ARD with Florian Silbereisen. However, it was a hairy matter: The viewer wanted to know how long it would take him to do his hairstyle in the bathroom in the morning. His answer was pretty detailed. (jbr)

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