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Android 12 revolutionizes its design with large buttons

In terms of security and privacy, Android 12 adds a new indicator – a small green dot in the upper right part of the screen – to alert the user when any of the applications is using the camera or microphone.

The most used mobile operating system in the world, Google’s Android, presented this Tuesday the new version 12, which revolutionizes its design with large bubble-style buttons and a general appearance that the company itself described as “playful.”

This is one of the most radical aesthetic changes that software has undergone in its 12-year history, with a daring bet not only on dimensions, but also because it uses circular elements or very soft angles whenever possible. as well as the animations and the changing colors.

All of this gives it a less serious look than in previous versions, more uninhibited and “playful”, as well as making it more accessible and intuitive for all audiences.

In addition to the buttons, the clock that appears when the screen is locked has significantly increased in size, and one of the most curious aspects is that every time the user changes the wallpaper, Android will automatically suggest modifying the colors of the screen. the interface to match.

Defenders and detractors

Like any change this drastic, the design of Android 12 immediately generated a multitude of defenders and detractors, who took to social networks to express their enthusiasm or disagreement as soon as the first images of the new software were revealed at the I / O developer conference of Google.

In terms of security and privacy, Android 12 adds a new indicator – a small green dot in the upper right part of the screen – to alert the user when any of the applications is using the camera or microphone.

In addition to Android, the American multinational took advantage of the start of this conference to present its new Smart Canvas work platform, which integrates and deepens communication between several of its most popular applications such as Docs, Meet, Tasks, Sheets and Slides.

Thus, Smart Canvas allows, for example, to link different documents, spreadsheets and presentations to each other, assign tasks to specific team members, create brainstorming tables for projects, create to-do lists and tag employees.

Video conferencing in Docs

In addition, documents, spreadsheets and slides can be shared in Meet video conferences.

And starting in the fall, video conferencing can be integrated directly into Docs, Sheets and Slides, so that a user can initiate a call from any of these applications if they wish.

Another novelty presented this Tuesday by Google was the improvement of artificial intelligence systems to alert the user when he is using non-inclusive, offensive or too cumbersome language.

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Regarding its popular mapping service Google Maps, the online search engine firm announced two new modalities: one that suggests the safest route and that directs the user through the streets in which there are fewer accidents and another that prioritizes the most efficient route. ecologically sustainable, in which less carbon dioxide emissions will be generated.

Google Photos also received several updates, including the ability to create closed, password-protected folders that will not be displayed on the main screen, as well as the new “cinematic moments” functionality, which creates an automatic animation based on multiple photos. .

Finally, the company revealed an agreement with the Korean manufacturer Samsung to collaborate on a unified platform that allows software developers to create applications that work on the operating systems for wearable technology and smart watches, both from Google (Wear OS) and Samsung. (Tizen).

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