NewsAnna Sorokin: Famous fraudster should be deported to Germany

Anna Sorokin: Famous fraudster should be deported to Germany

First she scams the best hotels in New York (USA), then Netflix makes her famous. Now Anna Sorokin should actually come to Germany.

Frankfurt – Luxury, glitz and glamor and all at the expense of others: In the USA* Anna Sorokin led a life in the lap of luxury. Their scams are so spectacular that Netflix* used them as a template for the hit series Inventing Anna.

But the luxury life of the 31-year-old didn’t last forever, because the scammer was caught. In 2019, the young woman was sentenced to several years in prison in the United States. After being released in February 2021 for good behavior, Sorokin was arrested again in March 2021. The background was that her residence permit was exceeded.

Surname: Anna Sorokin
Pseudonym in the USA: Anna Delvey
Place of birth: Domodedovo, near Moscow (Russia)
Move to Germany: At the age of 16 (2007)
Graduation and attendance: Abitur in Eschweiler near Aachen
Born on the: 01/23/1991
Moving to the US: In 2013

Anna Sorokin: Deportation of the well-known fraudster to Germany prevented

According to US media, Anna Sorokin should be deported to Germany. Until recently, she had tried to get asylum in the United States. At the last minute, the deportation was actually prevented by Sorokin’s lawyers, reports Der Spiegel. The US authorities only said that she refused to leave the detention center and that the authorities are currently trying to find a new deportation date.

Anna Sorokin: Durch Netflix wurde die Verbrecherin berühmt, nun kommt sie nach Deutschland.


Anna Sorokin: The criminal became famous through Netflix, now she could come to Germany. (archive photo)

The 31-year-old does not expect any further proceedings in Germany, as reported by Spiegel. Accordingly, the woman is set free in Germany. The reason for the impunity in Germany is that she has already been convicted in the USA and has served a prison sentence for fraud. It is not known why the woman is trying so vehemently not to be deported to Germany.

“Inventing Anna”: Netflix paid around $320,000 to the scammer from Germany

Anna was born in Russia* and came to Germany with her family at the age of 16. Anna Sorokin was to be deported to Frankfurt am Main on Monday evening (local time), the New York Post reported, citing informed circles. In the US, the fraudster operated under the pseudonym Anna Delvey.

The impostor’s case caught the interest of streaming giant Netflix. While Sorokin was still in prison, she is said to have signed the contract for the series “Inventing Anna”. The scammer is said to have received a total of 320,000 dollars for this, which corresponds to around 292,000 euros.

Arrests and criminal offenses of Anna Sorokin
First Arrest: October 2017
condemnation: May 9, 2019 for grand theft and fraudulent performance
Verdict: – Four to twelve years in prison
– $24,000 fine
– Refund of $199,000
Release on parole: February 11, 2021
Second Arrest: March 26, 2021 (for violation of residence permit)
Source: York Times/Welt

Anna Sorokin: Best hotels in New York fall for scammers from Germany

Anna Sorokin received an advance of 140,000 euros while she was in detention. However, this was frozen and handed over to two banks she had defrauded, the Wall Street Journal reported. The background is a US law that prohibits profiting from crimes committed by the public.

The sum of their fraud is said to total around $275,000. Starting in 2016, Anna Sorokin began posing as a wealthy heiress. On a ten-month promotional tour, Sorokin not only deceived private individuals, but also companies. Including some of the best hotels in New York, as reported by the New York Post. (lm with AFP) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Rubric list image: © Richard Drew/DPA

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