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Annoyed Tiktoker makes video of crying baby on plane – it gets him in trouble

Created: 10/21/2022 10:13 am

Sichtlich entnervt und mit zuckendem Auge zeigt sich der TikToker in seinem Video.
The Tiktoker shows himself visibly unnerved and with a twitching eye in his video. © Screenshot TikTok/@balubrigada

A young man filmed his reaction to a screaming child during a 29-hour flight – and got a shitstorm for it.

Kassel – The Tiktoker @balubrigada filmed himself on his 29-hour flight to Berlin. Besides him, there was a crying baby on the plane, which apparently got on his nerves. The creator, whose real name is Henry Beasley, filmed his reactions. He seems more stressed and annoyed by the hour.

The clip now has over 12 million views, making it by far his most clicked post. But what was probably only intended as harmless fun for his community is also met with criticism online.

Video with a crying baby on a plane: Shitstorm for Tiktoker

In his clip, the tiktoker initially jokingly praises the baby for his strong voice, while the tiktoker’s eye twitches more and more. Many users know the situation, one writes, for example, “Honestly, there should be flights with and flights without children” – and gets over 250,000 likes for it.

Other users comment “Next time I’ll swim” and “OMG would have gone crazy”. One user even wrote, “I’ve stopped counting reasons why I don’t want kids, but these kids are definitely on the list.”

Other users write: “Children should not take flights longer than four hours”. Even parents comment: “As a parent: that’s why I don’t want to travel with my kids yet, I’ll just wait a few years”.

But some feel sorry for the parents and emphasize, for example, “If I had free hands, I would always help parents who are having difficulties. Don’t think the parents will be fine with that.”

Tiktok video of crying baby on plane gets Shitstorm

But there are also Tiktokers who side with their parents and even shoot at Henry in their own videos. A user advises him: “Just stay at home. Don’t go out in public, there are children. It’s not someone else’s problem, it’s your problem.”

Another Tiktokerin refers to the fact that users would pay more for flights without children and welcomes the idea – with one condition: “If you want to pay more for child-free flights, then do it. Then flights for families with children can simply be made cheaper.” (Kilian Bäuml)

Social platforms like Tiktok are often used to share reactions with the community. This is also the case on Reddit: There, a user shared a picture of an extremely expensive offer for potato pancakes in a university canteen.

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