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Anonymous threatens Musk and calls him a narcissist

Through a video on YouTube, the activist group Anonymous said that it is in the crosshairs of Elon Musk’s group, this because the businessman has had certain practices that have altered the economic order and they consider that the CEO of Tesla is a narcissistic character .

“Millions of people count on the earnings from their cryptocurrencies to improve their living conditions. Playing with the price of currencies destroys lives ”, laments the group of cyberactivists.

The last message that Musk posted on Twitter was posted last Friday. The tweet was only a heart broken in two, next to the symbol of the cryptocurrency bitcoin, which caused the value of it to fall 7%.

Anonymous notes in the video that Elon Musk “shows a clear contempt for working people” and regrets that he continues to mock them by posting memes “from one of his million dollar mansions.”

In addition, the activist group criticized that Musk will never be able to understand the risks involved in his posts on Twitter because “he was born rich thanks to the inheritance of an emerald mine from South African apartheid and has no idea what the struggle is like for the majority of the people. working people in the world. “

Tesla’s great position in bitcoin and Musk’s huge personal following on social media pushes crypto markets to the limit every time he tweets.

The billionaire had already said that Tesla will not sell his bitcoins, but his tweets were enough to shake markets that remain fragile after the May crash.

“When Elon Musk tweets any content related to crypto, the market … expects a reaction,” said Nick Spanos, co-founder of the Swiss project ZAP Protocol.

The bitcoin crash pushed it below its 20-day moving average to a low of $ 36,263, and subtracted some coverage from its gains so far this week, where it accumulates a 2% rise.

In addition, Musk’s Twitter account has affected other parts of the market: Samsung Publishing, a shareholder in the producer of the YouTube viral song “Baby Shark,” went up this week after Musk tweeted about the jingle.

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