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Anti-Semitism allegations against TV presenter: Internal WDR mail leaked – criticism of attitude

Anti-Semitism allegations against TV presenter: Nemi El-Hassan could now work for the science show Quarks on WDR.

Cologne – The case of the anti-Semtism allegations against Nemi El-Hassan made headlines in September. The 28-year-old was originally introduced as the new moderator of the science magazine Quarks, but shortly after the announcement, the WDR and artistic director Tom Buhrow deviated from the decision.

The reason: El-Hassan was confronted with accusations of anti-Semitism, among other things because she took part in the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel Al-Kuds march in Berlin in 2014. Although El-Hassan later distanced herself from participating in the march, the broadcaster released her prematurely from her planned new task.

TV broadcaster WDR is considering employing El-Hassan as a writer

However, the public discussion about El-Hassan’s political stance continues. One reason for this is that the German-born woman with Palestinian roots also recently liked anti-Israeli posts on social networks, reports the Jüdische Allgemeine (JA). Among them were two posts by the anti-Zionist American group Jewish Voice for Peace. One of the contributions celebrated the breakout of convicted Palestinian terrorists from an Israeli prison, while another called for the boycott of products in order to end “Israeli apartheid”.

Director Buhrow named these likes as reasons for the decision not to use El-Hassan in front of the camera as the presenter of the program Quarks, reports the JA further. But one is also considering employing El-Hassan as an author.

When asked by JA, El-Hassan was amazed at the reason. You have to “take note that the likes seem to outweigh my journalistic work and my commitment in recent years for social cohesion, for dialogue, against violence and against anti-Semitism – and I regret that,” she said there.

El-Hassan for discussion about WDR position

She defended her likes for the aforementioned posts by Jewish Voice for Peace. Anyone who accuses her of anti-Semitism is making it too easy for himself, she told JA. Her own family history was “shaped by war and flight, also with regard to the State of Israel.” She could not simply discard these experiences. A pro-Palestinian perspective should not be equated with hatred of Israel and sympathy for terror, and it must be possible to stand up for the freedom of the Palestinians without facing accusations of anti-Semitism, El-Hassan said.

The WDR has so far not sent her a specific offer, but only a vague draft for a future collaboration behind the camera. “It is unclear to me what that actually means,” she said to the JA. “I never hid myself, but always stood by my message as a person. And I don’t want to hide in the future either. “

When asked JA, whether she could continue to imagine working with WDR, El-Hassan answered: “The decision-making power over the extent to which I will be allowed to participate in the future rests with the broadcaster. If it were up to me, I would still moderate the show. “

Anti-Semitism on TV: Does the WDR have to take a clear position or are negotiations sufficient?

Meanwhile, the consideration of hiring El-Hassan behind the camera has met with massive public criticism. According to the JA report, the chairman of the broadcasting council meeting, Andreas Meyer-Lauber, said: “Anti-Semitic positions cannot and must not have a place in the WDR.” Neither in front of nor behind the camera, according to Meyer-Lauber.

Against the background of the heated debate, it is also explosive that an internal email from WDR program director and radio journalist Valerie Weber was made public: The letter, which is available to the liberal-conservative opinion magazine Tichys insight (TE), was therefore sent to October 8, 2021 all employees of the management sent by email.

TV station WDR: Email from the management leaked – attitude of the station under criticism

Regarding the El-Hassan affair, it reads: “We are still in direct contact with our colleague behind the scenes. My conclusion: We will now first press the pause button for cooperation, as long as every scientific work for quarks is politicized in this way. In the new year we will then coordinate with her about the possible collaboration as an author, ”said Weber in her letter.

It goes on to say: “Anyone who wants to give lateral entrants a chance and promotes diversity, as a potential employer, has a certain duty of care to go through cultural conflicts together,” TE quotes. What is meant by going through cultural conflicts together remains open.

Even after decades of violence, a lasting peace in the Middle East is not in sight. In spring 2021, the armed conflict between Israel and Palestine escalated again. (n / A)

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