NewsAnti-vaccination demo New York: Moderator exposes corona deniers

Anti-vaccination demo New York: Moderator exposes corona deniers

Daily Show host Jordan Klepper visits an anti-vaccination demonstration in New York and gives an insight into the absurdity of some of the arguments.

New York – They hold up signs warning of a “4th Reich”. They wear T-shirts with the label “F * ck Cancel Culture” and go loudly on the street to demonstrate against compulsory vaccination. The city of New York City wants to put it into effect on September 13th. The new rule stipulates that only those who have been vaccinated against the corona virus are allowed to visit restaurants, theaters, concerts and fitness studios in the city.

The people who protested in front of the New York mayor’s office last week were interviewed by TV presenter and comedian Jordan Klepper for an online video that appeared on the Youtube channel of the comedy news show “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” was put online.

Criticism of corona vaccination in the USA because of pending regular approval by the authorities

For example, a woman even came from the neighboring state of Pennsylvania to the largest city in the USA with a population of 8.4 in order to counteract the “spread” of mandatory vaccinations in the USA. Klepper, who mistook her for a counter-demonstrator or purposely misunderstood her, argued that he was also in favor of the spread of the coronavirus not getting out of hand. When she understands that they are talking past each other, she exclaims “Oh my god, which side are you on? Are you crazy? ”And clearly states“ I don’t want to talk to you! ”Your answer to Klepper’s question as to whether the woman could not understand why her statements confused him is not shown in the video.

Another protester tells Klepper that she is the only one in her family who has decided against the vaccination. “The FDA has not even approved the vaccination, I don’t know what’s in there,” the young woman explains her decision and explains: “Women have miscarriages because of it, people’s DNA is deleted”. When Klepper asks what she means by “deleted DNA”, she explains that the vaccination would erase people’s immunity.

Protesters in New York compare compulsory corona vaccination with Nazi dictatorship

A local Republican politician, whom Klepper interviewed on the sidelines of the protests, said that the vaccines were being opposed because the drugs were developed and approved too quickly. He says that scientific questions remain unanswered. Klepper addresses the “Operation Warp Speed”, which the government around the then Republican US President Donald Trump had deliberately called that in order to emphasize the vaccine development at record speed and asks: “So Donald Trump rushed all this?” The local politician denies that and is then asked who would have rushed the vaccination. The interlocutor’s answer: “How about if we swap places and I start attacking you?” Pfizer was granted on Monday (23.8.2021).

Numerous disguises were used during the protests, as well as signs that equate the compulsory vaccination in New York with the Nazi dictatorship in Germany and communism. A protester complains that many people do not understand the situation: “It is 1937, and when we say ‘never again’ we mean ‘now'”. The woman who reported to Klepper about the deleted DNA at the beginning of the video explains: “It’s like in a dictatorship, like in Nazi Germany. All that is missing are the bearings and the gas. “

In addition to the Republican mayor candidate Curtis Sliwa, the son of ex-mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani had called for the protests, which, according to information from the New York Post, had come to a few hundred people over the past weekends. Regarding the criticism of vaccination requirements and New York’s incumbent mayor, Sliwa told the New Yorker newspaper: “These rules are specifically there to keep people like de Blasio and the city council in power. They want to dictate what we do in our lives and what we are allowed to allow our children ”. (Sandra Kathe)

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