EntertainmentMusicAntonio Cafuné: "The sea is my place of inspiration"

Antonio Cafuné: "The sea is my place of inspiration"

Germán Gómez, a political journalist for El Espectador , launched his musical project under his stage name. His first single, entitled “Un lugar”, talks about longing and nostalgia.

Germán, how did you start your project as Antonio Cafuné?

I have been close to music since I was a child, and at school I was always involved with all these processes, playing with various bands. I feel that both the pandemic and my friends led me to promote the project, because they told me: “you always play at parties, you sing your songs and we like them… get out of this room and let’s record what you know how to do”. And so it was, I was recording from December to March and I was very satisfied with the result. I had a lot of help from Felipe Martínez Aparicio, Ómar Rodríguez, Santiago Pinaud, Andrés Mordecai, Francisco Álvarez, who were always pending.

Your father is a music lover, what was the contribution he made to your musical career?

My dad is my tutor. He’s not a musician, but he loves salsa… I’m from Cartagena and I’ve been linked to salsa and bolero all my life. I was always very close to the music of Fania and the stellar era of salsa, then I ended up listening to a lot of things, I think that in life one does not marry only one genre; in my case, I liked to challenge myself on guitar and piano, that is what can be seen reflected in the single Un lugar.

Tell us a little about your single “Un lugar”, how did it come into being?

One of the most creative moments that a person has is that of the tusa, even more than love. In heartbreak one thinks and reflects on many things, although this song does not talk about heartbreak, but about everything that one longs for with someone, but never happens. It is a borrowed story, of a great friend who loved a person very much, and imagined everything that A place says. Finally nothing ever happened and he was left with that desire to be with her. They say that sometimes the tusa hurts more than something that never happened.

The song begins acoustically with his voice and guitar, but then other elements come in, was that the initial idea?

Something very interesting happened with Un lugar, and that is that the initial idea that I had was to make it very smooth, perhaps with a tambourine, but when I showed it to the people with whom I was going to work, they all began to contribute their ideas. and the song stopped being my son and became everyone’s. At that time, I couldn’t control the growth of the song in the same way … the song didn’t have a bass or a cajon … but in the end it happened, we added things to it and that growth was very nice.

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In what way did Andrés Mordecai intervene in the creation of the single?

Andrés and I have been friends since school and we have always made music together. The others have also been with me, but with Andrés we did several musical projects in the mid-2000s, we were part of several bands, but then he went to Argentina and formed, together with Funkcho, El Caribefunk. We have always been very close, he knows my music and decided to help me and give his ideas to create a place.

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What influence does the sea have on the song?

In the song a stick of water sounds that tries to imitate the wave reaching the seashore. Personally, I believe that the sea is the love of my land, and a very comfortable place for me, like when you invite people to your living room, which is an intimate place. I have a lot of respect for the sea, it is a place of inspiration, of tranquility … it is a place where many things happen internally and I always want to bring the people I love. It is a meeting place with close people and it is impossible to detach from it.

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You have always been a follower of the music of Fito Páez, how much did the Rosario artist influence this song?

I’m not sure … he is my favorite artist and he has marked many parts of my life, sad and happy moments, from school, from university … I met him two years ago when he came to Colombia, but I don’t know how much Un lugar de Fito, surely it can have a lot to do with it, because it inspires me a lot. This song has many elements and impulses from the projects of my close friends. At this moment I am following many references that my music brings to him.