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Applicant says "no" to the salary – and receives 33 cents more as a counter offer

Created: 08/17/2022, 4:15 p.m

The job interview was still successful for a TikTok user. What she experienced afterwards shook her deeply (symbol photo). © Imago/Westend61

Before negotiating a salary with a potential new employer, you should find out exactly what is usually paid in the industry. A TikTok user shared a particularly disappointing experience in a salary interview.

Stuttgart – If you apply for a new job, you shouldn’t undersell yourself. If you don’t make your ideas clear from the start, companies often set the wage at the lower limit. TikToker Jessica, who received disappointing feedback during the application process, found out. She then shares her frustration with the community. With her description, she hits a nerve with many: More than 109,000 users have already seen the video (as of August 17), more than 15,500 gave it a like.

On her account “jessthewhooty”, Jessica reports on a job interview she was recently invited to. This was apparently successful: After the interview, the company made her a salary offer. However, the applicant was anything but satisfied with the salary offered to her. In view of her ten years of professional experience, the offer is nothing more than “garbage”. “I returned the offer and said: It is disproportionate to the current economic situation and it in no way reflects my experience and expertise in this field.”

Applicant writes answer that has washed: “No living wage”

In fact, Jessica received another email from the company after her objection – with a questionable new offer. “They promised me 33 cents more per hour,” she reports. Instead of responding, the TikToker wrote an answer that had washed up.

“I wrote: Your company pays 33 cents an hour for years of relevant professional experience? Wow.” It is “not a living wage” and is certainly well below what she would have earned with her expertise and knowledge in the field. “It would take me over $2 more an hour to be above what I’m making at my current job.” sees in me.” Her appeal to other applicants: “Don’t settle for low wages just to get a job!”

The TikToker woman is not alone in her anger at low wages. The issue of appropriate pay in professional life is more relevant than ever. In Germany, there is a lot of discussion about the gender pay gap – i.e. the unequal payment of men and women. One can only hope that more people like Jessica will share their experiences and that injustice will become even more visible – or that applicants won’t end up with such dubious companies in the first place.

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