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Are we guarded?

Marta Peirano speaks and writes about culture and technology for numerous media, including, El Pais, Muy Interesante, La Sexta and RNE. She has been the founder of ADN and attached to the address at She was co-director of the Copyfight project, co-founder of Hack Hackers and Cryptoparty Berlin.

He has written books on automata, notation systems, and a cryptography essay-manual called The Net Activist’s Little Red Book , prefaced by Edward Snowden. His latest book is called The Enemy Knows the System , an essay on platform capitalism and its impact on the media ecosystem and online political campaigns.

We are watched all the time by people who know everything about us and about whom we know nothing, ” the expert explained.

What are the main risks when giving up our privacy on the internet?

“We run individual risks: we expose ourselves to being scammed or robbed by a malicious agent, for example. But the loss of collective privacy is more dangerous, which makes us victims of manipulation and crowd control. And, since it is a problem that affects us all, we have to respond to it collectively “.

Marta Peirano’s talk at Homo Curiosus has been accompanied by the screening of the documentary ‘The keys to the Internet: security’.

The keys to the Internet: security

Since its arrival, the Internet has transformed every aspect of our lives, revolutionizing communications, culture, business, and social relationships. Today we give up our privacy, post sensitive information, and hope that our passwords protect us. Hackers have already accessed traffic control on some of Europe’s high-speed rail networks, controlled the steering and brakes of a car with potentially terrifying results, computerized controls on the blast furnaces of a German steel mill, and they have even accessed a home through a baby monitor.

Agents of the United States Secret Service reveal how they investigate cybercrime, how they look for security flaws, and how they can access structural vulnerabilities in the network of networks. How do you protect us from threats to our privacy and security? Are we ready for a large-scale cyberattack? What if the Internet collapsed under its own weight or was brought down by sabotage?

What is the fastest internet network in the world?

Esnet now using Esnet6 is upgraded to 46 Tb/s of bandwidth. The objective is to support scientific research, favoring greater speed when executing processes.

The inventor of the word 'metaverse' is creating his own metaverse

The writer Neal Stephenson was the one who coined this term back in 1992 in his science fiction novel 'Snow Crash'.

The art of cyber defense

More than a sophistication of malware, experts speak of its professionalization. The cyberthreats that citizens and companies face.

Tasks to avoid negative effects in the age of hyperconnectivity

Digital technologies are not bad by themselves, it is their inappropriate use that can be harmful to their users, points out Guillermo Fournier.

The DMP focused on first-party data that enhances media strategies

To get the most out of the habits and preferences of its audiences, Grupo Expansión integrated a data management platform that offers advertisers a greater value proposition.