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The DMP focused on first-party data that enhances media strategy

The famous phrase coined by Bill Gates determines that “content is king”, but the complement of this value offer lies in punctually reaching the market segments in the digital environment, according to their consumption habits or search criteria of information.

As a result, data collection and analysis is becoming more relevant than ever. However, the tools used for these purposes require acting in a more ethical manner, which translates into the proposal of new routes to reach audiences, respecting confidentiality.

In this way, the strategic alliance between Permutive and Grupo Expansión contributes to generating a renewed and profound vision of consumers, to offer them more and better tailored products, through the collection of first-hand or first-party information.

“We are entering the Latin American market and Grupo Expansión will position itself at the forefront, not only nationally, but throughout the continent,” said John Galleger, Permutive’s director of sales.

According to the firm founded in London in 2015, its data management platform ( Data Management Platform or DMP, for its acronym in English) is focused on activating audiences, following the pillars of transparency, consent, and respect for Privacy.

In addition, it offers the guarantee of not authorizing third parties to access the personal data and insights of the profiles of digital users, even if their online habits are analyzed for the definition and implementation of marketing and advertising campaigns.

To maximize the value of information, Permutive works with renowned third-party providers, including Eyeota, Bombora, and Experian, trusted by media companies such as LADbible Group, News Corp, BuzzFeed, Penske Media, The Guardian, and now Grupo Expansión. deposit in the principle of the most responsible digital marketing.

In this regard, Cristhian Del Angel, Head Digital for Grupo Expansión stated that this alliance will make it easier to identify and know the preferences of the audiences to offer them a better advertising experience.

“The digital ecosystem is undergoing new changes and to reinforce the issue of user privacy, given the imminent arrival of “a world without cookies”, at Grupo Expansión we are preparing ourselves with one of the best technologies, creating an alliance with the DMP that Permutive offers,” added Del Angel.

How does a DMP work?

A conventional DMP sends the collected data to a cloud storage system, where it is processed. However, by relying on third-party cookie synchronization on websites to remember browsing information, the process is delayed and less efficient.

In contrast to this, and for the establishment of a more secure technological ecosystem, Permutive’s platform streamlines the processing of data at the edge ( edge computing ), as close as possible to the source where it was collected first hand and without saving the confidential information of users.

In this way, it facilitates the measurement of the time they remain on the visited site, the clicks they make, the interaction they have with the multimedia content and the reading of the content, as well as identifying the keywords they used in their search and their preferences for certain topics.

The value of first-hand data provides more reliable, transparent and larger-scale indicators, without demographic stereotypes, in order for media companies to identify and attract target audiences.

Here the cohorts stand out (groups of users that share common characteristics and habits), but whose confidential information remains anonymous for third parties, a segmentation task in which Permutive has been a pioneer, thanks to the technology it uses.

For advertisers and advertising agencies, content sites that use this platform make it possible to focus messages on consumers who are genuinely interested in their products, services or the experiences they offer, increasing brand awareness and improving performance. of their campaigns.

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