Will television die because of the metaverse?

As young people turn to interactive forms of entertainment, the metaverse looms as a major threat. Experts warn that television will die with its audience.

Tell me how you use social media and I'll tell you what your parenting style is (or so this study indicates)

Social networks have changed many paradigms of our lives and the way we behave with our children is not exempt from it. If you are an active parent on these platforms and you are used to sharing content in which your children are present, it can give clear clues to your parenting style, or at least that is what a study carried out by the University of Bloomington reveals.

Hate on social networks. Why does it occur? What themes generate it?

Anonymity, dehumanization, lack of empathy and the drag effect are some of the reasons that lead a person to insult on the Internet.

What is Web 3?

They say that it is the future of the Internet but Internet users, its potential users, do not know very well what it is.

Board games that have made the leap to digital format

Monopoly is a perfect example of a board game that has fully adapted to the digital world. Thanks to the internet, we can play with friends near and far from the comfort of home.

The most viewed YouTube videos in 2021

Cnet has announced the most popular and watched YouTube videos of this year 2021. Have you seen them all?

Hacker proof internet

This is what the quantum Internet offers, which allows extremely secure connections between computers. His arrival is not expected anytime soon.

Goodbye to wifi? Li-Fi technology, closer than ever with this new discovery

A team of scientists has discovered a three-atom material that controls light and that could open the door to Li-Fi technology, which will be at least a hundred times faster than Wi-Fi.


Apple increases the minimum wage for its workers to 435 pesos per hour

The increase in the minimum wage of its workers refers to 45% more than the 2018 levels.

Pampering children, something positive?: know its consequences and benefits

Pampering children or giving many whims: yes or no? What does consent really mean?

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A Super Company with a focus on leadership and collaborators

Eric Blasco, Commercial Director of Grupo Apymsa talks about the values that turned the company specializing in spare parts and auto parts into a Super Company.

Procedures for birth: all the procedures you have to do when your baby is born

When our baby is born, we only want to spend time with him or her and pamper him or her as they deserve, but the arrival of our offspring also implies some administrative procedures that we are obliged to do.