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"Are you not fine": Separation at BibisBeautyPalace and Timothy? Bianca currently not bookable

Created: 8/6/2022 6:52 p.m

Bibi Claßen und Screenshot von TikTok wie Bibi anderen Mann küsst
On TikTok there were pictures of Bibi Claßen kissing her sales marketing manager Timothy Hill. © TikTok & Instagram/bibisbeautypalace

After separating from Julian, Bibi Claßen shared secret kisses with Timothy Hill. He was part of the management of BibisBeautyPalace but can no longer be found on the website. There are also no more pictures with Bibi.

Cologne – In May 2022, fans received the shocking news: Bibi and Julian Classen have split up. The couple shared insights into their private lives on the “BibisBeautyPalace” YouTube channel and inspired an audience of millions with their videos. While Julian is now enjoying his life with his girlfriend Tanja Makarić, Bibi remains very quiet.

Separation at BibisBeautyPalace and Timothy? Bianca currently not bookable

After intimate pictures of Bibi Classen with Timothy Hill appeared on the net in May, rumors of separation about the couple made the rounds. Timothy was responsible for sales marketing for BibisBeautyPalace and was very close to the YouTuber couple. Julian Claßen then confirmed the separation rumors several weeks ago.

While secret kissing photos initially caused a stir, the YouTuber and Timothy are currently staying out of the public eye. Timothy also no longer appears on the BibisBeautyPalace management website. It remains unclear whether Bibi and Timothy have separated again and he is therefore no longer part of the management team.

Bibi Classen shows signs of life after weeks of absence

According to “”, Bibi cannot currently be booked for new jobs. So she is said to have retired indefinitely . The YouTuber is currently not doing well, which is why she does not contact her Instagram followers. However, Bibi Claßen only recently gave her fans a sign of life. Together with her friend Mona, she presented her outfit of the day and seemed relatively in a good mood.

It remains to be seen whether her fans will soon receive a statement about the separation from the YouTuber. Meanwhile, Julian Claßen is doing a lot of advertising for his new girlfriend on Instagram and is letting her number of followers skyrocket. Sources used:, Instagram/bibisbeautypalace, Instagram/julienco_

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