NewsAre you serious? Dad names son after his job...

Are you serious? Dad names son after his job – out of love for the job

When parents give their babies a name, this is usually an expression of a very special bond. But this case raises questions.

Jawa Tengah – The most popular first names for newborns in Germany are often kept concise and catchy. However, many parents find it difficult to find a name – after all, it accompanies the children throughout their lives. A case from Indonesia makes people sit up and take notice all the more: As the British newspaper The Sun reports, a man in the Indonesian province of Central Java gave his son a very special meaning in life. He named his offspring after his workplace.

Unique Baby Name: Father Names Son After Workplace

The father’s name is Samet Wahyudi, he is 38 years old and has worked for the local Bureau of Statistical Information and Communications for years. The man apparently loves his job so much that he even calls it his second home. The result: the newborn is now called “Dinas Komunikasi Informatika Statistics”. The child’s mother apparently also agreed – according to Indonesian media reports, her husband is said to have even made the first name a condition for a wedding.

This is how parents find the right first name

– The family tradition: Is it customary in your own family for children to be given the names of their parents, grandparents or godparents? If you would like to continue this tradition, it is of course easier to search for a name.

– The sound: It helps to consciously listen to the sound of your favorite name. For example, popular girls’ first names often end in “a”. Preferred first names also begin – for both genders – with a soft consonant such as L, M or N.

– The rationale: why exactly this name? Many expectant parents like to choose celebrity names. It is then important not to forget that such names often arouse certain expectations. Maybe Greta doesn’t want to become an environmental activist later? And Joaquin not a joker?

– Harmony with the surname: short surname, longer first name. For example Maximilian Scholz instead of Max Scholz. The opposite is true for long surnames. Puns like Hans Schanz should be avoided. Alliterations like Steffi Strähmel or Max Maier, on the other hand, are purely a matter of taste.

Baby named after Job gets special nickname

What the employer says about this choice of name is not known. But the boy’s parents probably know that the length of the name might make it somewhat unsuitable for everyday use. And that’s what they call him for short: “Dinko”. The case brings back memories of a project in Mexico: parents there wanted to name their baby “Facebook”. But both the registry office and the court forbade the parents from choosing a name. There are also strict rules in Germany* – for example, no place or brand names may be chosen. (jkk with dpa) is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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