News"Ar***hole": Neighbor imposes strange punishment and becomes a laughing...

"Ar***hole": Neighbor imposes strange punishment and becomes a laughing stock

Created: 10/28/2022 1:26 p.m

A note to a neighbor that begins with “Dear asshole” causes ridicule on the Internet. Because the author imposed a curious punishment.

Berlin – The note was actually only intended for a small circle – and addressed to a single person. But via the Instagram page “Notes of Berlin” he has now reached a broader public, collecting more than 1,000 likes in less than a day. And numerous comments, many very derisive.

Because here someone (gender unclear, for the sake of simplicity we assume a he) left a very strange note to a neighbor, according to the information on Kollwitzstraße in the Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg.

Berlin: water balloon thrower is insulted on notes

“Dear asshole with the water balloon, thanks for the shower & for hiding quickly afterwards,” the note begins. And suggests the probable background: A child or an adult who has remained a child threw a water balloon at the author and then ran away. Didn’t find this funny. What’s more, he pronounces a very strange punishment.

“You are not invited to the next excursion to the shell market!!! See you in the stairwell! Bussis”: This ends the note. The water balloon thrower should feel addressed and realize that he has been caught. The uninvolved people on Instagram only understand the station when it comes to the topic “mussel market”.

Berlin: What does the “Mussel Market” penalty on the note mean?

The mussel market penalty worries many: “Can someone explain that about the mussel market?”, “Oh ha, invited to the excursion to the mussel market? It’s a tough punishment!”, “Not being taken to the shell market is really the boss” and “Hardcore penalties a la Kollwitzkiez,” write the Instagram users.

What is really behind the shell market? That remains unclear. It is quite possible that the international mineral, fossil and jewelry fair “Mineralis” is meant, which takes place in November in Berlin. However, without the water balloon launcher. A note at Rewe, from which a woman from Lower Saxony feels patronized, is also making waves. (lin)

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