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"As a top location, we have decided not to show the World Cup": Munich restaurant makes waves

Created: 10/13/2022 5:24 am

The soccer World Cup in Qatar starts in less than a month. The well-known Munich local Park-Cafe has now made a clear decision.

Munich – It still feels a long way away, the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. But in just over a month, on November 20th, the ball will be rolling in the desert state. The tournament has been viewed critically for years, from the bad working conditions of the construction workers to the human rights situation in the country. For many, Qatar cannot be the venue for a celebration of football. Meanwhile, in Munich, the question arises as to how the otherwise popular topic of public viewing should be dealt with. Of course, no parties are possible in winter like in summer, but the topic is already being hotly debated. Meanwhile, one of the city’s best-known bars has made a decision.

Munich: World Cup in Qatar – “Park Cafe” does not want to show any games

“We’ve shown all the major football tournaments at the Park Cafe since the 1990s,” the restaurant begins its statement on Facebook. “This year we can’t reconcile that with our conscience and today’s priorities,” it continues, then to get to the point: “That’s why we, as one of the top locations in Munich, decided not to do the World Cup to show.” And indeed, the decision to “boycott” the World Cup in Qatar made waves in the comments column.

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Das bekannte Park-Cafe in München hat sich dazu entschlossen, keine Spiele der Fußball-WM in Katar zu übertragen.
The well-known Park-Cafe in Munich has decided not to broadcast any World Cup matches in Qatar. © VISTAPRESS / Barbara Insinger via

Munich: Football World Cup in Qatar – World Cup boycotted locally – “That makes me a new guest”

“Respect. That’s the way it has to be. I also boycott this madness in the sand,” says one user. Another writes: “Attitude breeds respect”. For another, the decision is a reason to visit the restaurant: “That makes me a new guest.” The comments are indeed consistently positive, only one or the other “Oha” or “Wow” interferes. It remains to be seen how the mood in the city will be as soon as the round leather rolls in the desert state. The main thing, as the Park Cafe itself writes, is to focus on a “cozy and contemplative pre-Christmas period”.

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