EconomyFinancialASSA calls Aeromar strike

ASSA calls Aeromar strike

The Union Association of Aviation Flight Attendants of Mexico (ASSA) called the Aeromar strike, after an extraordinary meeting held yesterday.

“We decided to grant an extension to our strike location for contractual violations, moving to June 16, 2022. We have held work tables, in which they have participated on the direct instructions of Master Luisa María Alcalde Luján, head of the Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare STPS, the Unit of Conciliators of this dependency, providing accompaniment and support to the Flight Attendants in an open dialogue and analysis with the General Director and the Director of Operations of Transportes Aeromar”, indicates a statement from the ASSA.

The airline workers seek a solution for the payment of overdue debts and compliance with the previously agreed agreements.

“A master plan, proposed by the Pilots and Flight Attendants Unions, which, with the support of the Federal Government and its agencies, will allow our company to continue providing air service, connecting our Mexico and its strategic cities, has yet to be conclusively concretized.” noted the document, signed by Ricardo Del Valle Solares, Secretary General Assa of Mexico.

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