NewsAsteroid "Bennu": impact on earth more likely than previously...

Asteroid "Bennu": impact on earth more likely than previously thought

NASA experts have commented on the asteroid “Bennu” – and named the probability of a collision with Earth.

Houston – NASA experts repeatedly analyze asteroids in space. The experts often comment on the potential risk of an impact on Earth – as in the case of the asteroid “Bennu”. * The astronomical small body with a diameter of 490 meters would probably wreak havoc on our planet in the event of an impact. To analyze asteroids like “Bennu”, NASA has even started the mission “Osiris-Rex”.

Part of it is a space probe that should help to better understand the trajectories of asteroids in space. On its mission, “Osiris-Rex” was able to collect numerous samples from asteroids – and is currently on its way back to Earth. As reported by the US broadcaster CNN, the first data have already been evaluated by NASA. According to the report, the probability that asteroid “Bennu” will one day collide with Earth is higher than previously assumed. According to a message from NASA, it is 1: 1750 in the year 2300. Previously, the experts had assumed a probability of 1: 2700.

Asteroid “Bennu” in space: NASA collects data

According to the latest NASA forecast, the chance of an impact has increased, but experts doubt that it will happen. “It’s not a significant difference and the likelihood of an impact is almost the same,” explains Davide Farnocchia, a researcher at the Nasa Center for Near Earth Object Studies and head of the study. “We can now assess the flight route of ‘Bennu’ much better and understand what the possible routes for an impact are. I am no more insecure than before, ”said Farnocchia.

The consequences of a – very unlikely – asteroid impact on Earth would be devastating. A crater ten to 20 times the diameter of the size “Bennus” would be possible. With an average of 15, that would be a crater diameter of 7.35 kilometers. The area around the crater would also be affected and probably devastated.

Despite the low impact probability of 0.07, NASA monitors the asteroid “Bennu” very closely. Because: There is, for example, the possibility that a close flight past Earth will significantly change the trajectory of an asteroid and thus increase the risk of impact. (tu / dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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