NewsAt the first Wiesn after Corona, less beer is...

At the first Wiesn after Corona, less beer is drunk

Created: 09/25/2022 Updated: 09/25/2022, 3:16 p.m

Oktoberfest - Platzkonzert der Wiesnwirte 2022
The anticipation was great for the first Oktoberfest after the pandemic – but cloudy weather has so far weighed on the business of tent owners and showmen. © Felix Hörhager/dpa

The culprit is not so much a decreasing thirst as the bad weather. For paramedics and police at the Oktoberfest, this also means: less work.

Munich – The first Oktoberfest after the Corona break has so far been quieter than the last festival in 2019 – fewer guests came, mainly because of the weather. This also means: less alcohol, fewer police operations and fewer patients in the Wiesn medical station. This mid-term balance was drawn by the festival management, the police and the Aicher Ambulance medical service.

The innkeepers reported a 15 percent drop in beer consumption compared to 2019, and the helpers at the Wiesn medical station even had to treat 30 percent fewer patients. Unlike innkeepers and showmen, they are happy about fewer visitors here, said Michel Belcijan, head of operations at the Aicher medical station. Despite the drop in alcohol consumption, about half of the 2,600 medical treatments in the medical center this year were alcohol-related.

The police reported slightly fewer operations with 923 (2019: 1010). Officials also helped in unusual cases. A few days ago, they brought a budgie to the animal shelter that had gotten lost at the Oktoberfest and had sought refuge with a stall owner.

The beer mug became a weapon 17 times

According to the information, fewer Oktoberfest visitors got into the car drunk after the festival. However, there was more resistance to police officers, more pickpocketing – one of all people attacked a police officer – and a little more sex crimes. None of the cases involved rape, as police spokesman Andreas Franken reported.

The bad weather also hindered drug use: it was too wet outside and too difficult in the tent. About 120 times there were reports of bodily harm – 17 times alone the beer mug was used as a weapon. dpa

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