NewsAt the weekend there is a risk of “floods”...

At the weekend there is a risk of “floods” due to heavy rain and thunderstorms – then again “drought and heat”

Created: 08/17/2022, 5:28 p.m

In Germany, dry soil and rivers urgently need rainfall. It comes at the weekend, but then the midsummer weather returns.

Munich – On Wednesday (August 17), Germany will experience midsummer weather again. The heat is spreading again in large parts of the Federal Republic, with temperatures sometimes exceeding 30 degrees. According to , the first showers and thunderstorms will appear in the west as early as late afternoon.

Weather in Germany: Heavy rain and thunderstorms can bring “flooding” at the weekend

According to the forecast of the German Weather Service (DWD), the precipitation will reach not only the west but also the south-west and east of Germany the day after. Despite temperatures of up to 34 degrees, a lot of rain can come down on Thursday (August 18), sometimes there is even a risk of flash floods.

Meteorologist Dominik Jung even assumes “flooding” as a result of heavy rain and thunderstorms. Regionally it will be violent. But where exactly these regions will be will only be seen when the thunderstorms and storms have formed,” he told . However, it is very difficult to make an exact calculation.

Ein Auto fährt über eine überschwemmte Straße und sorgt für sehr große Wasserspritzer
Floods caused by heavy rain (like here in Lower Saxony) can occur in Germany up to the weekend. © Lars Klemmer/dpa

Germany: Weather starts to be mixed at the weekend, then the showers subside significantly

According to the weather forecast from DWD and , the weather in Germany will also be mostly mixed on Friday (19 August) and Saturday (20 August). Rain showers and thunderstorms are to be expected again and again, especially in the south and east. The temperatures are between 21 and 30 degrees on Friday and a maximum of 26 degrees on Saturday.

But already on Sunday (August 21) hardly any rain is expected, apart from a few showers it will remain dry. According to, sun and clouds alternate, the thermometer rises to up to 27 degrees.

Weather in Germany: Drought and heat will return next week – and will probably stay until the beginning of September

And from next week it will probably be over again with the short cooling. “There are signs of the next drought and heat from next week,” said meteorologist Jung. According to calculations by the US weather model, this situation will continue in August. “Temperatures could quickly rise again to 30 to 35 degrees next week. Rain would then no longer be a big issue,” says the weather expert: “This new drought and heat phase would then probably last until the beginning of September.”

The dry soils and low river levels in Germany should therefore only enjoy much-needed precipitation for a short time. After the weekend, drought and heat will probably determine the weather again. An end to midsummer is not in sight for the time being. (kh)

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