NewsAtmosphere with LEDs: Small lights for the pre-Christmas period

Atmosphere with LEDs: Small lights for the pre-Christmas period

Created: 10/14/2022 3:37 p.m

Stimmung per LEDs: Kleine Lichter für die Vorweihnachtszeit
If you are already thinking about the pre-Christmas lighting, you can switch to energy-saving LEDs. © Mascha Brichta/dpa-tmn

A chain of lights here, a candle arch there: For many, atmospheric illumination is part of the pre-Christmas period. Will she fall victim to the savings hammer? Timely replacement of the bulbs often helps.

Düsseldorf – Will the upcoming pre-Christmas period be less comfortable this year because you save on lights and fairy lights? If you don’t want to do without, you can still save on the illumination: with small lights. The NRW consumer advice center explains how this works.

Use economical LEDs and pay attention to warm light

If you still have old lamps in your inventory, you should switch now. The best way to provide festive lighting is with economical fairy lights or Christmas decorations with LEDs, preferably with a timer. Compared to conventional incandescent or halogen lamps, LEDs only need around ten percent of the electricity – and last around 100 times longer. A change pays off quickly.

Important when buying: Pay attention to cozy, warm white light. The decisive factor here is the color temperature, which is specified on the packaging in Kelvin (K). A color temperature of less than 3000 K ensures warm white, yellowish and therefore cozy light.

Even low power is easy on the wallet

The lower the power specified on the lamps, the lower the consumption and thus the electricity costs. The power is given in watts and can be found on the packaging, the plug or on a note on the cable of the light chain.

LED light chains are usually between 3 and 10 watts, depending on the number of bulbs, a classic light bulb light chain comes to around 50 watts. If the LED light chain is in operation eight hours a day, 28 days a day, the costs are around 40 cents. Fairy lights with incandescent or halogen lamps cost around four euros in the same period of time. dpa

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