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AT&T launches two credit cards to attract more users in Mexico

AT&T seeks to increase its user base as well as banking in the country through the launch of AT&T Elite and AT&T credit cards in alliance with Banorte and Mastercad.

“With the AT&T alliance, what you are looking for is to bring bankarization to users. In order to grow not only the user base but also to take banking to more places in the country”, says Nayura Rojas, Deputy Vice President of Innovation and New Products at AT&T Mexico.

According to Analicia García, Vice President of Business Development of Mastercard Mexico, in the country most of the digital transactions are carried out through a smartphone, something that is not done in other nations where they are carried out on other devices such as are the computers.

Rojas details that to acquire the card users in their customer service stores or in their digital channels or through the Banorte page.

With the cards, consumers will have access to more gigabytes of additional internet as a gift when direct debiting the payment of an AT&T plan, as well as months without interest in stores and a quarterly bonus of 1,500 pesos, when making purchases for 10,000 pesos per month for three consecutive months. .

For his part, José Gerardo Aguilar y Maya, Deputy General Director of Physical and Digital Cards of Grupo Financiero Banorte, explained that the alliance with the telecommunications operator seeks that users in this segment can access banking through their cell phones.

“We see a significant market that would benefit from AT&T and AT&T Elite cards, because of the special rewards they offer, as well as the ease of acquiring them,” he said.

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