FunAugust blue moon: when to see it and what...

August blue moon: when to see it and what is its meaning

The blue moon is going to be the protagonist of our skies shortly. But what exactly is this moon and how can we see it? This is nothing more than the name given to the full moon that we will have this August, although the reason for being called that has an explanation that we now offer you, in addition to all the information on when it will occur so that you do not miss it. .

August blue moon: when to see it and what is its meaning

The full moon will shine again in August 2021 , the month in which all attention was paid to the Perseids , the shooting stars of San Lorenzo . To see this new full moon, which will be the penultimate of the summer, we will have to wait until Sunday, August 22, 2021, when the satellite will be fully visible and bright.

As on other occasions, the full moon is associated with several names with a particular meaning. In this way, the full moon in August is also known by the name of the blue moon or the sturgeon moon , two names that, as is often the case, are linked to tradition. Let’s see the origin of these definitions, before understanding when and how to observe the astronomical event.

The curious names of the August full moon

There are 2 names attributed to the Full Moon of August 2021, which, although it does not reach the size and brightness of the Supermoons of recent months, it is still a rare event and that we should not miss. The nickname Blue Moon in fact, does not derive from the color of the satellite, which will be silver-white as always, but from the fact that this will be the third full moon of a season containing 4, given that after the full moon in June and July , August will be the penultimate of the summer, before September 20-21, which can be observed one day before the autumn equinox. This coincidence occurs quite rarely, which is why in 1946 Sky and Telescope magazine used the expression “once in a Blue Moon” for the first time, to refer to something that occurs infrequently . To give you a better idea, after the event we are talking about, the next Blue Moon will be on August 19, 2024.

However, looking at the Farmer’s Almanac, a publication that has existed since 1818 and is full of information and anecdotes in astronomy, you will find that the August full moon is also called “Sturgeon Moon” or “Sturgeon Moon.” The meaning of this name is quite simple and is derived from the fishing tribes, who in the Great Lakes area of North America waited for the month of August to be able to easily catch this fish.

Full moon in August 2021: when to see it

The next Full Moon or Blue Moon will occur on August 22, 2021 and will be the third of the summer season, after June 24 and July 24. To be precise, the terrestrial satellite will enter the full moon phase at 02:02 on August 22 , when it will still be full day and therefore it will be impossible to see the event; To see the full blue moon to the fullest you will have to wait for the night , when if time permits you will be able to enjoy the show in all its splendor, with the lunar disk it will appear quite close to Jupiter, which from today, August 19, will appear bright in the sky being in opposition.

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