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Avis offers its customers in Mexico the option to rent a Tesla

The era of electric mobility takes a new step forward, thanks to Avis, a company that presents a fleet of Tesla Model 3 vehicles in Mexico within the category of premium rental cars.

With the arrival of this fleet, made up exclusively of red-colored units, Avis makes clear its commitment to following a path parallel to that of the latest mobility technology in the city and on the highway.

It is important to mention that what Avis has done is unique in Latin America, since no other leasing company in the region offers its customers Tesla Model 3 cars.

The new era in mobility

With this action, Avis also seeks to consolidate its strategy as a socially responsible company, by offering vehicles that do not emit polluting gases, according to Luis Miguel Navarrete, director of operations for Avis Mexico.

“In the company we have always worked to be at the forefront, always innovating in service and technology. And now we are giving one more example of this and also of our commitment to being careful with the environment”, expresses this manager.

Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Cancún and Mérida are the first cities where customers will be able to reserve or prepay for a Tesla Model 3 vehicle.

Should I rent an electric car?

The concern of people who are thinking of driving an electric car is knowing how many kilometers the charge will last. In this regard, Navarrete responds as follows:

“This Tesla model that we are incorporating into the fleet is long-range, this means that with a single charge the vehicle can travel 576 kilometers (km), and in 15 minutes the superchargers can provide enough energy to travel another 280 km.”

Recharging these vehicles is within reach, because there are already more than 550 locations with 1,600 chargers in the 32 states of the country, in addition to all Avis locations that have the availability of these cars.

The Tesla Model 3 is a five-door vehicle (hatchback) that stands out for having eight airbags, as well as eight assistance cameras.

“It is a five-star rated car in terms of safety. Its integrated frontal sensors avoid collisions and have a range of 250 meters”, explains Navarrete.

Avis’s intention is to offer this car not only to private customers, but also to companies that want to offer their employees a new mobility experience.

“We are interested in this segment, because we see that companies are already looking to move their executives not in gasoline-powered cars, but in electric vehicles,” says Navarrete.

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Avis, the first rental company with Tesla cars in Latin America

With this action, Avis endorses its commitment: "Driving innovation and advancing the future of mobility".

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