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Avis, the first rental company with Tesla cars in Latin America

Perhaps 20 years ago we dreamed of a future that was friendlier to the environment and of innovative products that would make our lives easier, such as automobiles, for example, that provide us with greater comfort. Today, Avis is betting on these dreams to make them come true, by being the first rental company in Latin America to have a fleet of Tesla electric vehicles.

In this way, Avis makes the Tesla Model 3 available to its customers, confirming its commitment: “ Driving innovation and advancing the future of mobility ”, as indicated by its new campaign: Be Different, Nothing stops you. .

One of humanity’s great concerns is the conservation of the planet, which is why sustainable mobility is becoming more and more integrated, and if we add to the fact that electric vehicles do not use gasoline, that the energy they consume is obtained from renewable sources such as solar or wind, is a sign that we are truly moving towards a new way of transporting and traveling.

By incorporating Tesla Model 3 vehicles into its premium car rental category, Avis seeks to raise awareness of caring for the environment and reinforces its actions as a Socially Responsible Company.

“Today we are introducing a new fleet of electric cars, and Avis is positioned as a leader in innovation and sustainability, offering different options that you will only find with Avis; In addition, we love the idea that all the Tesla Model 3 available for rent will be red, an emblematic color of our brand”, commented Eddy Breach, Marketing Director of Avis in Mexico.

In addition to sustainability —which is the main objective of using electric vehicles— these units are among the safest in the world, since they have 8 airbags and 8 assistance cameras. By providing safety on the road and comfort, the Model 3 can be one of the favorites for a weekend getaway to enjoy some of the beautiful places that our country has.

Likewise, with its 400 kilometers of autonomy on a single charge, this electric car will allow trips without mortifications because after that journey, it can be recharged as easily as a cell phone in one of the 550 locations with 1,600 chargers, which are distributed in the 32 states of the Mexican Republic, and that are added to the #AvisMxTesla locations that have the availability of these cars.

The cities in which it is possible to reserve or prepay the rental of a Tesla Model 3 are: Mexico City, Cancun, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Merida. From March 1 you can already book, but you can pick up the vehicle from March 21.

If you want to be one of the drivers of a Tesla Model 3 with Avis or need more information about the lessor, visit:
Call Center: 800 2 888 888

Avis offers its customers in Mexico the option to rent a Tesla

The company adds the Tesla Model 3 to its portfolio of premium vehicles. It is available in Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Cancun and Merida.

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