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Baby is here – hit star Annemarie Eilfeld is mom: “A real angel”

Created: 8/30/2022, 8:33 p.m

Schlager-Sängerin Annemarie Eilfeld ist Mutter geworden. Mit ihrem Verlobten Tim Sandt feiert die kleine Familie nun ihr Glück.
Schlager singer Annemarie Eilfeld has become a mother. The small family is now celebrating their happiness with their fiancé Tim Sandt. © Collage: IMAGO / Eibner // Instagram/annemarie_eilfeld // IMAGO/Revierfoto

Annemarie Eilfeld has become a mother. The pop singer now confirmed that herself. And she also revealed the baby’s name.

Leipzig – Hooray, the baby is here! With this news, singer Annemarie Eilfeld is now making her fans and the hit industry happy. She only announced in May that she was pregnant.

Information about Annemarie Eilfeld

Profession: singer

Age: 32 years

Place of birth: Wittenberg

Most successful single: “Seele unter Eis”

Annemarie Eilfeld has become a mother

But already on Monday (August 29) Annemarie Eilfeld became a mother. Her son was born at 11.55 a.m. in the university clinic in Leipzig. That revealed the singer of the picture . “Our son is healthy, beautiful and a real angel,” she told the newspaper.

And Annemarie Eilfeld has now also revealed the name of the young musicians: Elian will be called her firstborn. An ancient Greek name that has the beautiful meaning of “the shining one”.

Sängerin Annemarie Eilfeld und ihr mittlerweile Verlobter Tim Sandt bei der Goldenen Kamera 2021.
Singer Annemarie Eilfeld and her now fiancé Tim Sandt at the Golden Camera 2021. © IMAGO / Revierfoto

Annemarie Eilfeld and fiance in baby heaven

The child’s father and Annemarie’s fiance Tim Sandt were also in the hospital. “Tim and I are incredibly proud and overjoyed, somehow we just can’t stop crying for love and happiness,” says the singer.

For the DSDS participant, a real dream comes true with birth. Because of a hormone disorder (PCO syndrome) – which she had dealt with openly long before – she had not expected to be able to have a child. The pregnancy was then discovered during a routine check-up.

Baby surprise: Annemarie Eilfeld did not expect pregnancy

Accordingly, Annemarie Eilfeld was very happy. She “cried, laughed and screamed,” she revealed in the picture at the time. “During a routine check-up, we noticed on the ultrasound that I was in the sixth week,” she continued of the magical moment. After that, she kept the pregnancy to herself for a while.

The next big surprise followed in June: During a photo shoot, Tim Annemarie proposed marriage. Glad the photographers caught the moment. So the fans could relive the moment, as you can see in the video.

Now the new family gets to know each other in peace. Sources used :

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